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Modern object oriented softwares are complex and hence there is scope of misuse of language features. Even experienced developers can inadvertently write error-prone code. Software is an integral part of the service and application industry. If one were to deploy defective code, it can easily cause huge monetary losses.

Projects can have millions of lines of code and hence a manual review or test of the complete source code can take a long time [5]. Automated bug detection explores all possible program behaviors and hence is not limited by the lines of code or the quality of test cases.

So what is static analysis?

Static code analysis is an analysis of software code without actually executing it. These tools look for a specific set of patterns or rules in the software code or bytecode, very similar to how antivirus programs search for viruses. They try to detect bug patterns which are nothing but  error-prone coding practices [4].

Some common issues that this analysis can uncover are –

  • Concurrency issues
  • Unchecked method return values
  • Unused fields and constants
  • Mutable static data
  • Null pointer dereferences

On the contrary, in dynamic analysis we actually execute the programs and check the execution for inconsistencies [1]. It is worth noting that most warnings do not indicate actual bugs. Hence these tools also categorize and prioritize the results to help the developer make the final decision [ 6, 11].

How can we use automation to conduct static analysis?

Commonly used tools to analyse software codes in the industry are –

FindBugs uses byte code analysis to implement bug detectors. Simple analysis is used to recognize over 300 types of programming mistakes and dubious coding idioms [2].

PMD performs syntactic checks on program source code and is more suited to checking stylistic rules than for checking low-level code features such as access to fields [3].

Jlint checks the given java byte code and finds bugs, inconsistencies and synchronization problems by performing data flow analysis and building lock graph [1].

How can static analysis be used in the industry?

Static analysis is becoming an industry standard and Google has even incorporated FindBugs into its standard testing and code-review process, fixing more than 1,000 issues in its internal code base [4]

Static analysis can be used in conjunction with data mining and provide interesting applications. For example, analyzing code and bug fixes from different revisions can reveal which warning categories are most important [6]. Such an analysis can also be used to distinguish between good and bad source code [3]. This knowledge can be leveraged in the future for improving the quality of source codes over a period of time. It can also provides developers guidance during the initial phases of software development.

According to the evaluation done by the creators of FindBugs, the code written in undergraduate courses is often buggy, which illustrates the role of tools in steering novices towards correct use of difficult language features [2]

On a concluding note, although these tools are very effective, they may still miss out on detecting some violations. The tools are only as effective as the rules they use to scan the code. [7]

Reference List:

[1] Gomes, I., Morgado, P., Gomes, T., Moreira, R.: An overview on the static code analysis approach in software development. Tech. rep., Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto (2009) Link

[2] David Hovemeyer, William Pugh, Finding bugs is easy, Companion to the 19th annual ACM SIGPLAN conference on Object-oriented programming systems, languages, and applications, October 24-28, 2004, Vancouver, BC, CANADA Link

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[4] Ayewah, N.; Hovemeyer, D.; Morgenthaler, J.D.; Penix, J.; Pugh, William, “Using Static Analysis to Find Bugs,” Software, IEEE , vol.25, no.5, pp.22,29, Sept.-Oct. 2008 Link

[5] Novak, J.; Krajnc, A.; Žontar, R., “Taxonomy of static code analysis tools,” MIPRO, 2010 Proceedings of the 33rd International Convention , vol., no., pp.418,422, 24-28 May 2010 Link

[6] Sunghun Kim , Michael D. Ernst, Which warnings should I fix first?, Proceedings of the 6th joint meeting of the European software engineering conference and the ACM SIGSOFT symposium on The foundations of software engineering, September 03-07, 2007, Dubrovnik, Croatia Link

[7] Michael S. Ware, Christopher J. Fox, Securing Java code: heuristics and an evaluation of static analysis tools, Proceedings of the 2008 workshop on Static analysis, p.12-21, June 12-12, 2008, Tucson, Arizona Link

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bang & Olufsen. All opinions are 100% mine.

Bang & Olufsenis a designer and manufacturer of high quality integrated audio and video solutions.  They’re known for their outstanding Danish craftsmanship and design excellence. They’re latest product – The BeoLab 14 is a new cutting-edge surround sound system with compact aesthetics and exceptional sound quality.  It is aimed at the consumer who wants to add quality to their home viewing experiencing without compromising on interior design.

The BeoLab 14 has 6 active speakers – each with its own amplifier. The speakers are anodized aluminum with exchangeable fabric covers in a variety of colors. The design easily integrates into any interior.  The subwoofer has separate amplifiers for all speakers in the system and delivers bone-bouncing bass. The core of the BeoLab 14 system lies in its 280W powered subwoofer which provides bass tones at the lowest frequencies.


It connects seamlessly to all B&O televisions, but is also compatible with any other TV or AV receiver. So you can connect the BeoLab to your own TV, transform those movie soundtracks into immersive aural landscapes and enjoy the B&O sound experience. If connected to a Bang & Olufsen TV, an on-screen helps you calibrate the system for optimal surround performance.

Sound is a subjective experience and B&O care a lot about consumer opinion. They build their designs around customer needs and also tune their products after considering feedback from different people, in different room environments and different stages of development. This helps them achieve sound that is as close as possible to what the original artist intended.

More than the sound, these systems sell for their looks and stunning designs. The satellites are just under 16 cm in diameter and are created to eliminate resonance with precision and style.

Minimalist design and a variety of placement possibilities make it possible to enjoy these speakers without rearranging your room. BeoLab 14 comes with wall & celling brackets, and also table & floor stands.

BeoLab 14 is available in two versions:

  • Subwoofer and four satellite speakers (for Bang & Olufsen TVs)
  • Subwoofer and five satellite speakers (for all other brands)

The BeoLab 14 surround sound speaker system is available at Bang & Olufsen stores worldwide from 15 May 2013, priced at €2995. Not only are these speakers stylish and striking with their supreme performance, they’re also something worth showing off. So, do you take your sound seriously..?

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This post brought to you by GetResponse Email Marketing. All opinions are 100% mine.

What is responsive design?

It’s a web design approach which aims to provide an optimal viewing experience to the user. This implies minimum resizing, panning or scrolling. As you might have noticed, when you open certain email on your device, you need to resize the page and pan a bit before the content fits the page and is perfectly readable. What if this could happen without any manual effort? That’s exactly what responsive email design is all about.

This design technique uses proportion based fluid grids, which is sized in units of percentage and not absolute pixel units. Images are also sized in relative units. This allows them to be displayed in the proportion depending on the device dimensions. Another interesting technique that responsive design is the use of media queries. These queries allows the page to use different layouts depending on the device on which it is being rendered.

Thus responsive design seems to be the answer to services and websites which tend to be accessed by viewers using different kinds of devices.

Now consider the scenario for email marketing, Look at the following statistics provided by recent research,


·        82% of people use mobile phones to check their emails

·        42% of subscribers delete emails that don’t display correctly on mobile phones

·        41% of all emails are opened on a mobile device


However, only 25% of marketers optimize their email for mobiles, mainly due to lack of default quick-time, automated solutions.

Since consumers mostly use mobile devices for their email needs, a non-responsive design implies that users may need to pan and resize the email to make them readable. Thus the plan of action for email marketers is clear. Marketers need to invest in an responsive email marketing automation solution. This is where GetResponse steps in.

GetResponse is an email marketing solution provider with a suite of new features. It is an innovative initiative directed towards small businesses and ecommerce sites.  Their features include and are not limited to forms builder, drag-and-drop email and landing page creator, advanced email analytics and email automation. GetResponse has grown to serve more than 300,000 Customers from 193 countries, managing and delivering 12 billion permission-based emails per year.

All their templates are mobile ready and provide complete design freedom to marketers. Email content created with GetResponse renders fine on any desktop or mobile device. It is possible to preview and review changes in real-time on their editor. As explained in the introduction, their newsletter design templates leverage the principles of responsive design (eg: media queries) and all their page elements like images and text blocks resize automatically on the mobile device. Multi column views are converted into single column layouts automatically certain devices.

It is worthy to note that no other marketing solution provider offers such an advanced email creation facility. A lot of marketers use pre-designed mobile templates and still charge users for mobile optimized design. This is where GetResponse really shines and is one of a kind.


Some GetResponse Email Marketing features worth highlighting:

•       A drag’n’drop editor allows users to create emails in a simple and intuitive manner.

•       Surprisingly, no HTML code knowledge is required to make stunningly beautiful marketing emails.
1000+ iStockPhotos are available absolutely FREE

•       Emails can include videos as well.

•       Users can access 500+ email templates and each one of them is responsive.


Other GetResponse functionalities overview:

1.     You can boost your audiences by using the multitude of features provided. These include a web form builder, import tools and integration with social media and other systems.

2.     Any campaign requires that you analyze your results and work towards optimizing the campaign performance. GetResponse provides you with detailed analytics for emails sent. You can monitor how many users clicked, opened, bounced or unsubscribed to the emails. Social sharing and subscription statistics are available as well.

3.     Huge campaigns require a scalable system capable of handling high-volume of communication. GetResponse is scalable and suited for all sorts of campaigns.


So if you ever need an email marketing solution to reach a wide audience, do have a look at GetResponse since it’s free to try. So is there any other email marketing solution that provides you better features than GetResponse.. ? I think not!

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Successor in canvas series Micromax A116 Canvas HD is fair enough to say it’s a smartphone with a difference. It has been finally launched in the Indian Smartphone market and comes with a suitable price tag of Rs 13,990. Since the inception, Micromax Mobile has been trying its best to provide the best features and qualities at the lowest minimum price.

In this suitable price Micromax has produced a product with striking features such as – it is a dual sim phone and weighs about 156 grams. Moderately heavy, the mobile is equally suitable for both males and females. The size of the display screen is 5.0 inches with 720 x 1280 pixels and IPS LCD capacitive touch screen. Those using internet for their business and social relationships can comfortably enjoy the smooth use. The display size is such that the videos can be watched with better clarity.

Micromax A116 Canvas HD runs on Android operating system 4.1 (Jelly Bean) which can be easily upgradable to 4.2 (Jelly Bean). It runs on the quad core 1.2 GHz processor and has the storage capacity expandable, up to 32 gigabytes and internal memory with 4 gigabytes and 1 gigabytes RAM. The internal memory itself is substantially good and the external memory added to it can have much space for data. May it be movies, academic files or any other storable data, Micromax a 116 with its memory capacity of 32 gigabytes it can contain sufficient data that one does not have any grounds of complaint  regarding the storage space.

For the clients who love to arrest the lovely moments and want to make them memorable by preserving them, this mobile is a blessing. The result is really commendable and even at night the pictures can be taken and stored. The primary camera is 8 mega pixels, with 3264 x 2448 pixels, autofocus and dual LED flash. Not only the pictures can be clicked but the video recording also yields commendable result. It has a secondary camera in it, which is 2 megapixels with 720pixels and has some striking features such as Geo Tagging, touch focus and face detection. In an era where many of the mobiles are having the 2MP primary camera, in this mobile the secondary camera having the capacity o f2 MP is incredible. These features such as wifi hotspot, sensors such as accelerometer, Google products such as Google play, search, maps Gmail, YouTube and talk, has enhanced this Smartphone comp ability for users. For those using internet, there is less need to go to the computers or laptops. The download facility available in the mobile can have almost all the applications that are normally desirable in our life. For those who keep their business up to date with the use of the social media sites can have the added advantage as the facebook, twitter etc. can be used quite comfortably. Those who keep the personal relations strengthened through the use of social media sites will certainly enjoy better facilities.

Micromax A116 Canvas HD is fair compared to competitors from some other companies in the same segment, such as Samsung Galaxy series Smartphone Grand with a price tag of 21,000 in the high end segment. But in the same category, Micromax has to compete with Carbon Smart Titanium, Lava XOLO with Intel processor, Byond and Swipe MTV Smartphone.

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The Nokia Lumia 920 is the most recent model under Nokia’s Lumia series. The model has widely been acclaimed as one of the best Windows smart phones in the global market today. Here is a detailed review of the phone’s features.

Starting off, let’s take a look at the main features of the phone.


The Lumia 920 comes with the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. The 1.5GHz Dual Core processor guarantees high performance and superior functionalities. The phone comes attached with the gyro, proximity, accelerometer and the compass sensors. All these features integrated with the immaculate Windows 8 operating system make this device the perfect buy. In a nutshell, an incredible processor with an outstanding operating system. The Windows 8 operating system in the Lumia 920 is enhanced with a whole new range of apps. The phone is embedded with the Adreno 225 Graphics Processing Unit, similar to the one present in the previous Lumia versions.


The Lumia 920 comes with an amazing 8.5 mega pixel camera. The camera ranks high on quality of photos and videos. Both under the action of sunlight and the presence of darkness, the camera’s quality remains unfazed. The camera has a resolution of 3264×2448 pixels and is optimised by the impeccable Carl Zeiss lenses. The camera comes with enhanced features like the dual Led flash, autofocus and image stabilization.

The Lumia 920’s camera, though being limited to an 8 mega pixel resolution, still manages to deliver high quality videos and photos. Geo-tagging, PureView tech and touch focus are a few additional characteristics.


In Nokia phones, the display is particularly worth mentioning. The cell phone manufacturer has never compromised on display quality and has spent a great deal in certifying this fact, something that has been thoroughly proven by the Lumia 920’s display. The 4.5 inch LCD Capacitive touch HD screen comes with 16m colours and delivers a resolution of 768×1280 pixels. The display is shielded by a Gorilla Corning Glass panel that enhances safety to a great extent. That’s about the display. To put it in short, the 920’s display is incredible.


Like all the previous Lumia versions, the Lumia 920 does not bear an external memory card slot. The phone comes with an internal memory of 32GB. The device has a RAM of 1GB.


The phone is attached with a non-removable, 2000mha lithium ion battery. On battery backup, on standby, is about 48 hours. On an average, the phone’s battery gives it a life of 8-10 hours.

The Lumia 920’s battery backup has been talked about a lot. Nokia has been quite impressive in augmenting the 920’s battery backup even though the phone’s functionalities and features are much higher as against the previous Lumia versions.

Body and Hardware:

For Nokia lovers and all those who’ve been fascinated by the design features of the previous Lumia models, the Lumia 920 would certainly be a treat to the eyes. The phone is embedded with the floating lens technology, an attribute that gives it a slight bulkiness. But with the perfect screen size, the phone’s weight and external design certainly fit the buck.

Other features:

The Lumia 920 is WiFi and 3G enabled. The dual band Wifi system enables you to faster 5GHz band networks.

The Nokia Lumia 920 price in India is 36,599 as of February 2013. If you are looking to buy a phone with highly advanced features, there are many characteristics that make the Lumia 920 stand out amongst other phones in this particular price bracket. A little research on the other available handsets in the market would certainly help you make the perfect choice.




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Micromax has never failed to beguile the markets. The Indian electronics manufacturer, with every launch, has incessantly set the bar at new levels. The Micromax A110 Superfone Canvas 2 only endorses this fact. Let us look at the Micromax A110 Superfone Canvas 2 review.

Micromax unveiled the A110 Canvas 2 Superfone in October 2012. The phone has set new standards in the budget phone market. Priced at just above 9500 as on February 2013, the phone comes with incredibly gratifying features for its price range. Let’s examine the phone’s features in detail.

First off is the screen. One of the most talked about element of the Canvas 2 is the screen. The phone comes with a stunning 5 inch screen, the first of its kind from Micromax. The phone is the enhanced version of the A100, the phone that previously allowed Micromax to make its mark in the budget phone market. The phone comes with a 262k colour display, capacitive tough screen. The phone is embedded with an IPS panel that brags a resolution of 480x854ps. A lot has been talked about the screen resolution with many critics describing the resolution to be very low with relevance to the screen size. But the display appears to be sharp, the touch is superb and the viewing angles are amazing. The phone’s display does rank low on visibility under the sun, but overall, considering the price, perfect!

Next up is the processor. The processor is a significant improvement from the older Canvas A100. The A110 comes with a dual core processor and 512 MB of RAM memory. As with the memory, the phone is embedded with an internal memory of 4GB and expandable up to 32GB.

The Canvas A110 is powered with an 8 mega-pixel camera on the rear and a 0.3 mega pixel camera in the front. This is one area where the phone hasn’t met expected standards. Though the phone is equipped with an 8 mega-pixel camera, the camera ranks low on colour and focus. Captured videos are low on quality and pictures taken in the absence of light or in the presence of low light appear unclear.  The camera is equipped with a dual LED flash and is well structured to capture photos from close range in the presence of light.

Coming to the interface, the Canvas A110 runs on Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. The phone is fitted with a 2000mha amp battery that lasts about 8 hours on standby.On the whole, an amazing phone for its price.




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Sodexo, company that offers insight into issues that affect employees, employers and community in general, has just released their annual workplace trends report. The report reveals that the current workforce see corporate social responsibility a potential motivating factor at work. It also revealed that 85 percent of Millennials just entering the workforce would consider leaving their job if the employer failed to fulfill their expectations.

Among other things, the Workplace trends report also show the growth of social media usage among employers when looking for new employees. Seven out of ten companies asked about it said that they have successfully hired through social media.

Sodexo North America’s COO and market president Michael Norris commented on the report, saying that “It’s a volatile world; economic factors, social issues, even naturally occurring events such as severe weather, place pressure on organizations to consistently deliver innovative, integrated solutions to complex problems. It’s not a matter of if, it’s when—the time when an organization is presented with the opportunity to do the right thing for their employees, their communities and the environment.”

Altogether the report identified 12 significant workplace trends. From recruiting to bullying at work, from motivation to changes in the way workforce today evaluate their employers. You can learn more about them all

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Contemporary music by bands and DJs from around the globe, nights full of dancing and partying, films, theatre, visual arts and talks – that’s what Sydney Festival is all about.

Now being held for 37th year, Sydney Festival aims to be one of the best summer festivals in the world, bringing together world’s great artists of all sorts. This year, the three-week festival will be featuring performances by France’s Orchestre National De Jazz, David Byrne together with St Vincent, a radical retelling of Handel’s opera Semele by Ludger Engels that includes outrageous couture by Vivienne Westwood and catwalk models with attitude. During the festival you can also expect to see and hear works by The Royal Shakespeare Company and world-renowned composer and director Heiner Goebbels.

The festival’s Honda Festival Garden will be offering its visitors comedy and music. Some of Sydney Festival’s best shows can be seen in Sydney Festival Parramatta, kind of a Festival-within-the-Festival.

For three weeks attendees have the chance to go to 92 events and 360 performances in total and roughly half a million visitors are expected to visit the festival area. With 18 outdoor events offered to people for free, Sydney Festival is Australia’s biggest free outdoor program of concerts and events.

More information, photos and videos about the festival can be found at But just to give you an idea of what you might be getting yourself into – the first night of the festival, 60 000 festival attendees celebrated the summer in Sydney at the Daptone Super Soul Revue, dancing and partying.

Disclaimer: This post was requested by an advertiser.

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This post brought to you by Arcsoft. All opinions are 100% mine.


So you had an amazing time shopping in the holiday season and wanted to show off your purchases galore? Had an extravagant Christmas celebration with the family? Relive and share such moments that make up your life with Whip™. With Whip you can easily blend your digital photos, videos, music etc. to create your personal albums.


Whip is a free social album app or your iPad, Android phone, Windows 8 tablet or PC. It has been developed by the experts at ArcSoft, the leaders in digital imaging with more than 17 years of experience in the field.


A few awe-inspiring features of Whip –

·         3 easy steps to whip out your album – Select, Customize and Share.

·         To spice up your album, you can caption indiidual photos and provide cover text to your Whips

·         Add zing to your album by selecting cool tunes from the “indie” library

·         Share your talent – publish to Twitter, Facebook, SMS or email to your near and dear ones.

·         Also, you don’t need the app to see the whips – followers can view them on any computer, tablet or smartphone

·         Follow your friends and other “Whipsters” in the WhipStream; you can comment and “like” their Whips


You can quickly and effortlessly create your own Whip Social Album. Pick your favorite 24 photos and move on to customize them. Whether it’s a wedding or a visit to the park to see the fall colors, the app has got the designs to compliment your Whip perfectly – each theme associated with a unique indie tune. To add to the festivities, they even have Christmas, New Year’s and Winter styles to keep you in the Holiday spirit. To provide more flexibility and control, the app lets you crop, resize, rotate, swap and enhance photos with one tap. Whip even auto-detects faces and positions your photos so they’re in the frame (iPad feature).


Whip gives you an opportunity to interact and share with the world your passions, funny and strange moments in life and some amazing adventures that you have been a part of. With Whip, such stories come to life and provide you with a complete experience to relieve those moments again.

Check out for more information and be sure to download the free iPad app! Here is a video by the developers.

Whip Social Album for iPad from Whip Social Album on Vimeo.



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Mobile devices like smartphones have been in the workplace since they were first introduced. Employees were initially using their own mobile devices to keep in touch with friends and family while they were at work. Things have changed, and now employees are starting to use these devices for work purposes. This is great news for companies that are looking to save money on technology expenses, but the IT department has a new challenge on their hands. They have a multitude of operating systems that are now accessing the company network.

Different mobile devices will use different operating systems. There are currently four major mobile device operating systems on the market today, and they each have their own exploits and vulnerabilities. A recent Trend Micro Technology Management article has listed these four operating systems as the following.

Apple iOS – The Apple iOS operating system powers the hugely popular Apple iPhone and iPad. Statistics show that this is the most popular mobile device operating system that is found in the workplace today. Apple has very strict control over all aspects of their hardware and software. This is helped make the operating system that powers their devices more robust, but more importantly more secure.

This is an advantage to the IT department, but there is also a disadvantage to this operating system. Apple provides regular updates to their operating system, but they don’t supply a solution to manage this operating system in the workplace. There are several third party vendors who do have mobile device management solutions for the Apple iOS.

Android – Google’s popular Android mobile operating system is now catching up to the Apple iOS in terms of users. It is estimated that within six months, the Android operating system will be the most popular operating system in the workplace.

This operating system is handled much differently than the one created by Apple. There are more known security flaws and vulnerabilities in the Android operating system. This has made it extremely challenging for workers in the IT department. Android devices can still be allowed to access information within the company network, but they should be limited to the least sensitive areas of the network.

Windows Phone – Microsoft’s addition to the mobile world is the Windows Phone. These devices use their own operating system and while they are not as prevalent in the workplace, there are still some that are showing up. Being that this operating system is still relatively new to the market and has the lowest market share, not much is known about how secure the operating system actually is. It may be a good idea to limit the usage of the Windows phone operating system until more is known about it.

Blackberry OS – Last but not least is the BlackBerry OS. The BlackBerry OS has a proven track record for being easy to manage and offering great security across even the most sensitive of company networks.

With new mobile devices appearing on the market every single day, businesses are having trouble keeping up with these devices and the security issues. Mobile device management is not going to go away. It is just going to become more important every day.

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This post brought to you by Zenni Optical. All opinions are 100% mine.

Optical Technology is evolving. With rapid development in vision technology, inventions like Google Glass and Augmented Reality Lenses are coming up.

But first, readers must be made aware of what Augmented Reality [AR] actually is..

In simple terms, AR is just the technology wherein computer generated content is superimposed over the real world view. If you remember the movie Terminator, the cyborg’s vision  shows information about every object he lays his eyes on. That is exactly what AR is!

Lets talk about augmented reality in contact lenses. Randy Sprague was an electrical engineer, until he quit his job to start a solar power company. One fine day, he stumbled upon a unique idea. The idea of developing a pair of contact lenses, which would act as wearable displays. Users would experience augmented vision and perhaps be shown information about objects they view. Randy went on and founded a company called Innovega and even earned a grant for his novel idea.

In the current prototype known as the iOptik, there are small projectors on the arm of eyeglasses which cast and image onto the lenses worn by the user. Nanofilters in the lens permit light sources to enter the eye. The user is able to see the image of the outside world and the superimposed display simultaneously. They can also switch to a totally occluded mode and watch a 3D movie for example. Contact lens with inbuilt LEDs are also being made. These project and image on the user’s eyes and thus give augmented vision.

Have a look the the below infographics that speaks about emerging eye technology including Google Glass and contact lenses with LEDs.

Emerging Technology Info Graphic

zenni_IG_800.png (800×2152)

The infographic is brought to you by Zenni Optical. Check out their site for stylish glasses

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There was time when the smartphone industry belonged to Nokia and Symbian. Capabilities were limited and application support was mediocre. Then came along Android and took the mobile industry by storm.

In recent times, Android has not only surged ahead as the operation system for the people, but perhaps has even added a new dimension to the mobile world. The advent of tablets and the wide range of smartphones have caused quite a stir in the mobile ad industry as well.

As shown in the graphic, Motorola Xoom and Dell Streak were some of the earlier versions of Android Tablets available. The market has been diversified by the involvement of companies like HTC, Samsung, Sony and even Amazon in launching their own Android tablet. The use of newer web technologies like HTML5 has given ad unit much needed interactivity. Using gestures, movements and interaction with users, there has been increase in ad engagement which directly translates to higher sales, or whether the end-goal of the campaign is.

Click To Enlarge

Millennial Media provides an SDK with support for rich revenue -generating media ad units. The above INFOGRAPHIC is a result of their intensive research and data which resulted from ad campaigns using the Millennial ad units.

Consider the case study for Westin Hotels & Resorts. Cutting edge rich-media was used for creation of interactive ad units. Multiple units were created which included units like

  • Shakable Unit : Enabled users to change images by simply shaking the phone.
  • Balloon pop : The screen was full of balloons and popping them would reveal an image of a women lying on a bed of balloons, symbolizing how Westin aims at providing comfort to its customers.

Since the ad units were interactive, a call to action was created where users could simply click and place a call to Westin reservations for further enquiry.

Using the data generated by over 250 such campaigns, Millennial was able to create the infographic. The pie chart represents the campaign destination, i.e. the end goal of the campaign. This typically defines where advertisers want to send the target consumers to view more content. From the multitude of campaigns that Millennial ran, they found that these destinations can be categorized as

  • Traffic To site: The mobile site of the client.
  • Landing Page: A special mobile page created to give more information about the campaign.
  • Application Download: The download of the client application.

For 53% of the campaigns, the end destination was a mobile site. 25% of campaigns hoped to cause users to download a particular application. Rest of the campaigns had a landing page as the destination.

The post click action implies the action that the campaign is driving the customer to take. 36% of the campaigns were made to encourage users to subscribe or join the campaign. 32%  of the campaigns were made to promote application downloads. The campaigns ranged from social media promotion to video viewing.

The aim of the graphic is show how the mobile ad industry has been revolutionized by latest technology, both software and hardware. The market for creativity is increasing and companies are trying their best to use technology to leverage their services to a wider audience.

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XO is giving away an iPad3 to create awareness of our new blog, The Pulse!
Get connected and help your business grow with a Free iPad3!

The winner will be announced on The Pulse, Monday August 6th, 2012. We will contact the winner directly. Good luck!

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This contest is sponsored by XO Communications

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More often than not, you’ve seen the label ‘refurbished’ on mobile phones sold in online shopping sites. If you think it’s just an added feature to make it more sellable, then you need to know what a refurbished device actually is.  Doing so lets you know more about the product you’re purchasing and helps you decide what action to undertake in case the mobile phone becomes faulty or stops working altogether.

Refurbished phones simply mean they have already been used. They were returned to a factory or manufacturer for repairs or reconditioning to make it look and function as new. These mobile phones are not the used products that you have mind. They aren’t broken, covered in dirt, or well worn by its previous owner. These phones were usually bought and sent back by users because of minor defects or dissatisfaction during its 30-day trial period.  Whatever the problem the phone had or had incurred when it was used, refurbishing repairs any damage, reconditions it inside and out, and restores it back to its like new condition.

There are mainly two types of refurbishing: factory and standard. With factory refurbishing, a mobile phone undergoes reconditioning from the original manufacturers who made it. This is done to ensure that the product is handled by the brand or manufacturer itself. With standard refurbishing, the work is done by companies outside the major manufacturers. The same procedures and protocols are made, but there is no guarantee that the inspectors are certified or the facility is following strict industry standards for repair and reconditioning.

The major difference is only with the manufacturer who did the refurbishing, but the pricing is actually almost the same. Between the two, factory refurbished phones are better. For the same price, you can rest assured that the product you’re getting has undergone strict quality compliance.

So is it safe to purchase a refurbished phone? Absolutely. Refurbished phones, as we pointed out, look and work line new. Any previous defects or damage has already been repaired and the phone is reconditioned to avoid any more problems in the future. These phones come with a warranty of up to a year and can come with a no risk return policy. There are a variety of mobile phone models to choose from and they are all affordable. Another benefit of getting a refurbished mobile phone is helping preserve the environment by making an eco-conscious choice.

In a time when mobile devices can be ‘disposable’, it is essential to make practical and convenient choices. Instead of limiting yourself to a few phones, availing a 2-year contract plan, or paying the full price for a brand new phone, you can have a refurbished one that works like new. These phones may also be out-of-contract or unlocked, giving you freedom to choose your network plan and allowing you to control your monthly expenses.

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