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Cameras are all over the place today. We take pictures all the time and share it with friends and family. Here are the top web apps for share your favorite photos all around the globe.


It is a photo sharing site which gives an emphasis on professional photography. Although the site has no free account, it offers a 14 –day trial. The site is easy to use, image storage is safe, and it has excellent video quality. Furthermore, one can customize your own personal portfolio which makes it more unique than the rest.




It is a free, fast and fun site to share your own photos with your family and friends. The site can let you share your pictures to twitter, facebook, and also in tumblr. It also allows you to create your own account and follow other users. The site also filters all your photos and add them some vintage appearance. It also offers image frames and washed-out look. You can also leave some comments or put a like in the photos after sharing which is very interactive.


This is another photo sharing site which offers simple signing up process. It has free and paid accounts systems depending on your album types. The site offers friendly and interactive instructions that further explain how the site works. Uploading your photo is also easy and multiple files can be uploaded one at a time. The system also automatically adjusts the size of the image which helps save time. You can also make your album private and you can create different folders to organize your pictures.


This site allows you to upload photos using their single and batch upload options which can make the sharing fast and easy. Signing up is not difficult because of the easy step-by-step guide. Also, you can invite all your friends to join and you can share your pictures with the social media. It is a good one-stop to share your photos online.

Furthermore, you can get your own photos noticed by other members making you famous. The site also secures your photos allowing you to be confident for your photos safekeeping.


This site can let you create your own profile, and chat with people around the globe for free. Signing-up is easy and it lets you share your favorite videos and photos with your family and friends. The site features different themes which can attract different localities in the globe. It brings back the chat with a new fashion set-up.

You can even browse and access different chat rooms and share their videos and photos depending on their common interest. Once the users have uploaded photos, it allows them to provide some comments and reactions. Furthermore, users can even choose their own favorites.

This site is also a good hub for those who seek safe online dating experiences. It is empowered by millions of people because of its unique features and it continues to grow making it the best site to share favorite photos and videos online.

Written by Julieth.

1 1294 is an online retailer of various audio and video products. The store is known for its wide range of consumer electronics products like LED, LCD and Plasma TVs along with AV accessories and projectors. Products from top brands like Sony, Panasonic and Samsung are available.

For an online store to succeed, it is important that the site should provide a clean and simple user experience. Big Brown Box’s site has a neat layout and a clean design theme. There is a horizontal menu display the product categories. Below you shall find best selling and top rated products.

Big Brown Box directly deals with the manufacturers and hence huge discounts are available for customers. Its best seller list shows up to $700-$1000 off on products. Categories are plenty, with each category further having at least four sub-categories. Other than the products mentioned before, Home Theatre Systems and iPod docks are also available. A quick peak to the Blu-Ray players category revealed another bonus offer for 1 month unlimited Quickflix movies with Sony Blu-ray players. Each product has been offered with considerable discount. It looks like Big Brown Box is committed towards providing users with top notch equipment at jaw dropping prices. When browsing through all the products, you can narrow down on your choices by filtering products based on category, price and brand.

Inside each product page, you’ll find a slideshow of the product with pictures at different angles. On the right you can check delivery and stock information for your area using your postcode. All products purchased through Big Brown Box are covered by manufacturer warranty. Extended warranty can be purchased directly during your product purchase. Full part and labour is covered under warranty. To give customers more insight about product features, product details and technical specifications are also mentioned on the sight.  Big Brown Box also provides you with product suggestions based on your purchase and search history on the site.

Talking about delivery, Big Brown Box’s delivery team will give you a call to provide a 2 hour windows for delivery. A common problem that consumers of online services face is, being unaware of when exactly the order will be shipped. Even if you know the delivery day, you cannot stay home all day, expecting the package to be delivered any time. Informing customers pre-delivery is a good initiative and will definitely help Big Brown Box score some points for customer convenience. Another excellent feature of Big Brown Box is that you can download product manuals for your product right on the purchase page. No more do you have to Google and hunt online for manuals and simple instructions. There is a customer review section as well where you can free to open comment on the product and service. Once ordered, you can track your order.

All in all, BigBrownBox seems to be a rich online store with a plethora of products and amazing discounts. The site has also won a few awards.


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One of the best recent developments of internet technology is the ability to work on the cloud at real-time. Real time interactions help collaborate and create content. If you need to work on a document together, how would you work together such each participant is aware of what the other is working on? QikPad is great new service that provides you this functionality.

Simplicity is what I liked about QikPad. Qikpad features a white notepad which covers major part of the screen. On the top you have a toolbar for formatting and editing options. On the right side of the toolbar you have extra options to share your pad over a social network, create a read-only link to the pad, import/export the pad to various formats, embed the pad in an iframe, see the history of the pad and also see the users currently working on the project.

Social Network shares : Your pad can be easily shared across the internet over social networks and email. Standard social networks like Facebook and Twitter are covered along with Reddit, Delicious and Digg.

Import/Export: You can export your QikPad to HTML, plain text or wordle

Embed: QikPad gives you an iframe code which you can embed in your html page and get the entire QikPad layout right within your own page!

History: There is a history button which shows you document revisions over a timeline. They have provided a play button which, when clicked shows you all the changes made to the document across time.

Users online:  On the rightmost corner of the pad is an indicator for the users online and currently working on the pad.

For collaboration to be fruitful, communication between participants is important. QikPad features a chat box on the right bottom corner similar to the Gmail chat box. You can discuss and work on the document together.

Overall, QikPad gives a nice blend of powerful features and a simple user interface.

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They say you can buy everything online. We had written this post orginally back in 2012, and we have a good stream of viewership looking for the right websites to find crackers.

We personally do not recommend bursting of crackers due to noise and air pollution. 

We however will help you make an educated choice by going for online brands which are hopefully following all laws and are more accountable.

We have no past experience in crackers, neither have we tried any of their payment gateways. We are just recommending the following websites based on their accessibility and navigation. Please proceed at your risk.

Following are some of the good and clean looking sites :

1. CaptureTo begin with Festivezeone looks like the most prominent site online in India

The site offers family packs also known as combo packs ranging from 5000 to 20000. They also have the SPARKLERS, FLOWER POTS, CHAKKARS, SOUND CRACKERS, NOVEL CRACKERS, FANCY CRACKERS, GIFT BOXES and DIWALI DIYAS on offer.

They are also supposedly offering a discount on orders with the following coupon codes. Not sure how long this offer will last.

COUPON FZPROMMO10 purchases above 3000 DISC 10%

COUPON FZPROMMO15 purchases above 5000 DISC 15%

COUPON FZPROMMO20 purchases above 10000 DISC 10%

Apparently the payment methods are secured by PAYUMONEY. Cash of delivery is also accommodated across the 6 locations mentioned below.

And they have offices in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Salem, Coimbatore,Mumbai.

Here is a detail pricelist :

To be honest, my search just ended there. Rest of all the options had flimsy website issues and would certainly not be places I would put by debit or credit card details. There may be just not a big online market for firecrackers throughout the year to keep these websites live and working.

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Are you one of those who only know one aspect of Google’s service – Search? Well then Google has brought up something to give you an overview of all its services at one place. Call it showoff or call it ease of use, Google’s What Do You Love is quite impressive. What do you love [ wdyl] is a portal where Google allows to you use all its major features. WDYL is an integration of Google’s top tools. Services include Maps, Youtube, Sketchup,Books,Translate, Voice, News and a few more.

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Well it is just not any other site who is going to find out how fast your page loads it is Google who is going to tell you that.

Not only that, you will also get some handy suggestions on the basis of High, Medium & Low priority to improve the speed with which your website loads, also suggestions were offered based on Experimental Rules and Some rules without suggestions

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I am sure there would’ve been times when you had to share a url that spans a few lines and deal with the confusion it causes.Its difficult to share such URLs over Twitter or SMS.URL shortening services are out there to solve just this problem.The funda behind url shortening is, you enter the destination url and the service stores the url in its database and returns to you a short alias of it.This article is about TinyURL which is a url shortening service currently serving over a billions redirection urls.

The long url lly/dp/B003FSUDM4/ref=amb_link_353259562_2?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIK X0DER&pf_rd_s=center-10&pf_rd_r=11EYKTN682A79T370AM3&pf_rd_ t=201&pf_rd_p=1270985982&pf_rd_i=B002Y27P3M

is aliased as
Short, sweet and redirection guaranteed!  This makes it extremely simple to share such links.TinyURL features a simple form to serve your need. The interface is straight-forward and to the point.Just enter the destination url and click on ‘Make Tiny URL’.

The simple interface at


Tiny url takes in the url you entered, creates a hashtable entry for it and returns to you the shortened url.Incase you enter the same url twice, it does not create duplicate entries, but infact returns the previously created short url.

A recent upgrade to tinyurl now allows you to enter a custom alias. The hash alias is a combination of letters and number and doesnt reveal where the links goes to. So if you want your readers to identify the destination by the url, you can use an alias. We created a tinyurl for our homepage. Here it is, try it out –
We used a custom alias ‘absthots‘ to avoid the default combination of numbers and letters in the alias.

TinyURL automatically copies the new url to your clipboard for convenience.It has a downloadable browser toolbar for easy use.It also has an API that app developers can use to create tinyurls from within the application

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We it was just a couple of days ago that I began hunting for a digital camera of my choice, I went on searching day after day model by model, and everytime I used to Google something I used to be overflooded by information and my task was not getting anyway simpler.

Keeping in mind that I was not really into cameras before this,there were a ton of websites were referring to some really high funda terms, sample photos captured with different settings all seemed just to add to the confusion. For those couple of days I thought I my fate was sealed,  I was going to buy a camera which I am ultimately was not going like or could not operate, by just gambling and depending on some highly cluttered information.

I then happened to bump into a simply “lay it on a platter” kind of a site,” It really does have all the information one needs to go ahead and make an informed decision, a fantastic blend of details, well presented and accessible with ease.

First of all there is a clean interface, something one looks forward to when so much information is being represented.The cameras are put in their justified categories like Entry-level DSLRs,Travel Zooms,Mirrorless, Pro Digicams,Super Zooms,Ultra Compacts,Waterproofs,Pro DSLRs.

So at least it is ensured you are not wasting your time in the wrong category and especially a category beyond your capability or budget.  Well this post is going to go pretty long if I tell you what all Snap Sort really offers, so I will just run through stuff for you. And then you could be off Camera Hunting yourself. So a quick list of the features (especially the ones I like) are :

Comprehensive Feature based Score Calculation (each camera has its own score)

Fantastic detailed embedded symbols throughout with informative tool tips

Really quality comparisons with advantages and disadvantages listed out clearly

Detailed overviews

Valuable screens like “just tell me” (where you spill the cash and they lay the cams on the platter) Something which can help you get value for money.

Well the entire site is pretty a complete one stop solution for your camera shopping woes, but if things could improve it would be the Currency Aspect cause more country specific currency can be introduced which can help relate to budget constraints, and also country specific purchase options.

Have a glimpse of the site right here below….