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nexus-6p-G7I was anyways working on describing the new Nexus 6p and reviewing every detail. But I have recently bumped into an annoying issue which seems to be also affecting our fellow Nexus 6P users across the globe. I came across an article describing the problem in Austrailia with a particular network provider.

It is very irritating to find your super powerful phone which supposedly Premium but fails to connect and use cellular data.

If you are on a Wi Fi network and suddenly step out its range it does not seamlessly start using the Cellular Data. It may very well appear like the issue where your phone has suddenly slipped into a Roaming zone and you had switched off the Roaming cellular Data option.


The main solution would be to restart your phone or ensure you are disconnecting from the GSM network and re-connecting. I painfully spent the first few days restarting my phone again and again. To add to my pain it never worked in one restart.

I found something really simple & easy to achieve the same and it would be going into Airplane Mode for 5 seconds and returning back to the active mode. This move facilitates the re-connection of the GSM network.

BTW Google are already aware of the issue and are working on delivering an OTA update with the fix after testing is complete.


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Screenshot - DU Battery Saver

It has been a while since I’ve hit a sweet spot in the configuration of app configurations & power settings of my LG Nexus 4 to stay alive for nearly 24 hours without a single recharge or at least a complete working day without a recharge. Smartphones are the key to all our interactions and communications. There is a mix of some obvious steps which I will address last and some really cool apps which helped me hit this configuration.

1. DU Battery Saver – App
screenshot du battery saver

This one takes care of majority of the hassle. It helps you set modes which you can switch to, like General or Sleep. You can also create your own custom modes. You can optimize based on the following:-

  • Screen BrightnessScreenshot - DU Battery Saver
  • Screen Timeout
  • Vibrate
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Mobile Data
  • Sync
  • Haptic Feedback

It helps you monitor the number of charges you have performed in a calendar format with a breakdown of Regular and Healthy charges. Charges are classified as healthy when the phone is charged from below 20% to above 75%.

One of the key instant features is the OPTIMIZE button, this magical button comes up with all of the following.

  • Saver Recommendations – Apps which are power consuming and are currently running
  • Paid Functions: Like Advance Saving / Automatic Cleaning
  • Manual Power Options which tinker around with Screen Brightness, Screen timeout, Sync settings etc. , and bring them to an optimum power saving level

On hitting OPTIMIZE, you have the App doing what it thinks is best for your phone like Shutting down application, switching off the Bluetooth and so on. It is a quick clutter free escape to an energy saving haven.

Head to the Play Store here to download the app and give it a try.

2. WiFi Power Saver App

Wifi Power Saver has a very reliable WIFI connection timeout policy controlled by a configurable number of minutes you can time it out. If the connection times out, it automatically switches off the WiFi. Also, when the WiFi has been switched off, it comes up with a notification. An optional tap on the notification switches back the WiFi if required. This is it, nothing more to say, this simply can work wonders for your power guzzling phone.

3. AutomateIt


AutomateIt Rules


I was not satisfied with the above two solutions, and went on looking for something more complicated. I landed up with AutomateIt which is quite a handy app to automate majority of your daily mundane tasks.

It is based on a very simple concept

  • Trigger
  • Action
  • Rule

Example : I would like to see my WiFi come on automatically if I am looking at the turned on screen. The recipe may sound complicated, but it is very easy with all the self explanatory icons available .

  • Trigger : Device Screen is turned on
  • Action : Set Wi-Fi Adapter to Wi-Fi Enabled

Coming to the power saving bit, one of the key recipes would be as follows :

automateIT(Obviously when you knock off to bed at night, you rather not be disturbed or it is certainly not a time you would like to use the WiFi, why not turn it off)

  • Trigger : Triggers on 00:00, every day
  • Action : Set Wi-Fi adapter status to Wi-Fi Enabled

Similarly you can switch back on in the morning at 06:00. There are plenty of other such rules available in the rules market which can be downloaded from the Rules Market. Enjoy all of them.


This has extended by battery life by a nearly a couple of hours. Enjoy the difference ! Please do not forget to share your suggestions and ideas.

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Google has kept adding quality and quantity into the technology space. Nexus is a testimony to the fact. Focusing completely on Nexus 4, I know I am jumping the gun with respect to a detail that many other reviewers would often jump to last. However I simply cannot resist, in plain damn simple words, the phone is very attractively priced and very economic. I recently picked it up from the official Google Play Store for nearly GBP 289 including VAT. Obviously you should go for the 16 GB version, just to avoid the unavailability of an external card slot from playing on your mind. If you are not a hard core gamer, the unavailability of an external card slot is certainly not going to affect you.

I have still not found a comparable phone which is still affordable. It may be a clear sign that Google is making way for the Nexus 5 to be introduced, but the Nexus 4 price drop to £159, is simply irresistible.

Nexus 4, with its limitation of in built 8 GB memory and an attractive 4.7-inch WXGA IPS display runs on Android 4.3. There is absolutely no plastic feel while gripping the phone and it is completely sturdy.  The phone even though now available at remarkable prices has a stylish rear glass surface and the front boasts of Gorilla Glass 2. Both the front and back are covered in Gorilla Glass 2, but I have still heard plenty of people complaining of cracks in the rear glass.

The 4.7-inch display is a beauty to behold, large, elaborate and the apt phone to enjoy high definition videos, certainly very eye appeasing. It is comfortably one of the most visually impressive smartphones currently available at such an affordable price. The Nexus 4 also is a notch above the Samsung Galaxy S3 in pixel per inch density at 320ppi which is only bettered by iPhone 5’s retina display which sits pretty at 326ppi.

The Nexus 4 also boasts of the 1.5GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor which makes it highly responsive.

Some of the turns off when you consider buying this phone would be as follows:

  • No extendable memory slot, which leaves you wondering whether the inbuilt 16 GB memory is sufficient for you.
  • Display sunlight is not very impressive, but it still does a very good job at adjusting the brightness to necessary levels based on its surroundings.
  • Another disappointment is the battery which is  not replaceable, considering the amount we use phones these days and the amount of recharging required
  • Camera is just average and I would definitely have appreciated it would have a shutter.
  • No LTE support

Above the screen, there is a earpiece, surrounded with sensors and 1.3 MP video call camera. The Nexus 4 comes with 8 megapixel front camera with an LED flash. HDR mode can be put to good use for outdoors for quality pictures, however please note the camera is definitely not the selling point for this phone.


One very attractive of the phone is the LED which pulses for alerts of emails, missed calls and Facebook events. There are no means to control the colurs, however there are several third party apps in Play Store available to play around with the functionality. This LED is located below the display.

The Nexus 4 boast of a 2100mAh Li-Po battery which is not meant to be replaced by the customer, which is a pain. The official battery stats assure 390 hours of stand by time and 15 hours of talk time.


Nexus 4 has a very clean audio output and is really soothing to listen with a good pair of head phones, however volumes levels are average. In short Google has provided a winner among the masses.


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SONY XPERIA Z: Experience the Xperia Z


Sony, the Japanese leader in electronics is at your service with its latest cell phone Xperia Z. This handset has been launched recently and is in limelight due to its excellent features. As per Sony Xperia Z reviews, this device has deleted the word ‘delicate’ from the dictionary of mobile technology and it is in real sense a tough phone to beat. It is rightly said if you want to experience the best of Sony, experience it in its smartphone.

Some of the stunning features of this device are as under:


  • Weight 146 grams with IP55/ IP 57 certified for dust and water resistant up to 1 meter for 30 minutes
  • Functions on all networks of 2G, 3G and 4G.
  • 5 inch TFT capacitive display with 1080×1920 pixels
  • 2 GB RAM with 16 GB inbuilt memory and expandable up to 64 GB
  • Dual Camera
  • Android 4.1.2 jelly bean and can upgrade to 4.2
  • 1.2 GHz qualcomm processor for faster performance
  • Non removable 2300 mAH battery


This handset is very much famous because of its manly characteristics and capacity to withstand rough and tough use. It is also shatter proof and has scratch resistant glass.


Some Attractive Features:

This device is available for single sim using micro sim card. It has excellent audio and sound quality which proves why Sony is considered as the master of sound. While its 13.1 MP rear camera provides best resolution for pictures and video recording, 2.2 MP front camera provides you smooth experience of video calling. It has all modern camera features like High definition, video stabilization, auto focus, LED flash, image stabilization, geo tagging, face detection and sweep panorama. As it is on Android platform, thousands of applications are always available to assist you. You can download them as per your requirement and convenience. Its high end processor makes your surfing and internet usage more easy and comfortable.


Additional features:

Functioning on SONY mobile Bravia Engine 2, it has features to work on wifi, wifi direct and hotspot as well which proves its metal to rivals. So for those whom connectivity matters, this is a masterpiece. Sensors like proximity, Gyro, accelerometer, and compass look like simple accessories to this glorious handset. Available in black, white and purple color in market, it also carries features like document viewer and photo editor. Its battery possesses an excellent capacity of 11 hours talk time and up to 550 hours standby time on 2G and 14 hours talk time and up to 560 hours standby time on 3G. It is really needless to mention the features like SMS (threaded view), predictive text input, active noise cancellation with mic, MMS, FM Radio with RDS, push mail, with A-GPS support and GLONASS, Bluetooth 4.0, voice dial, instant messengers, and email for this device as they are majority considered as regular features of this age.



Author’s Bio: Mr Ajay Chauhan is a technical expert having vast experience in mobile technology. You can seek his guidance and opinions and clear your doubts related to Sony Xperia Z reviews by sending him a mail.



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Micromax has never failed to beguile the markets. The Indian electronics manufacturer, with every launch, has incessantly set the bar at new levels. The Micromax A110 Superfone Canvas 2 only endorses this fact. Let us look at the Micromax A110 Superfone Canvas 2 review.

Micromax unveiled the A110 Canvas 2 Superfone in October 2012. The phone has set new standards in the budget phone market. Priced at just above 9500 as on February 2013, the phone comes with incredibly gratifying features for its price range. Let’s examine the phone’s features in detail.

First off is the screen. One of the most talked about element of the Canvas 2 is the screen. The phone comes with a stunning 5 inch screen, the first of its kind from Micromax. The phone is the enhanced version of the A100, the phone that previously allowed Micromax to make its mark in the budget phone market. The phone comes with a 262k colour display, capacitive tough screen. The phone is embedded with an IPS panel that brags a resolution of 480x854ps. A lot has been talked about the screen resolution with many critics describing the resolution to be very low with relevance to the screen size. But the display appears to be sharp, the touch is superb and the viewing angles are amazing. The phone’s display does rank low on visibility under the sun, but overall, considering the price, perfect!

Next up is the processor. The processor is a significant improvement from the older Canvas A100. The A110 comes with a dual core processor and 512 MB of RAM memory. As with the memory, the phone is embedded with an internal memory of 4GB and expandable up to 32GB.

The Canvas A110 is powered with an 8 mega-pixel camera on the rear and a 0.3 mega pixel camera in the front. This is one area where the phone hasn’t met expected standards. Though the phone is equipped with an 8 mega-pixel camera, the camera ranks low on colour and focus. Captured videos are low on quality and pictures taken in the absence of light or in the presence of low light appear unclear.  The camera is equipped with a dual LED flash and is well structured to capture photos from close range in the presence of light.

Coming to the interface, the Canvas A110 runs on Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. The phone is fitted with a 2000mha amp battery that lasts about 8 hours on standby.On the whole, an amazing phone for its price.




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Samsung Star 3 Duos

Samsung, this particular brand is known for flooding the market with numerous options of cell phones to choose from. Today, Samsung offers a wide variety of phones in every range with an excellent camera resolution, music clarity and touch screen capability. After all, it is also the creator of the popular Galaxy series. In the premium phone segment, Samsung launches Star Series phones, which include – Dual SIM phones, chat friendly handsets, single SIM GSM phones and the highly appreciated Smartphone’s with Android platform.

Samsung Star 3 Duos

Samsung Star 3 Duos

Samsung Star 3 Duos is a touch screen phone from the very popular Star series, which provides chat friendly interface with dual SIM functionality. The phones with dual SIM capability are generally not preferred cell phones among the tech freaks, but Samsung has its own way of getting into our pockets. Samsung introduced this phone with features like dual SIM support, more social applications than its younger siblings and a 7.62cms capacitive display to keep those hands engaged. The 3MP camera makes the cell phone perfect for normal photography too. Samsung Star 3 Duos also comes with a 3.5mm universal audio jack, which means the music is of stereo quality and you can also attach speakers or woofers with the device. Not only has this but it come with a 16GB expandable memory slot. For the netizens too, this star does shine. With Opera premium web browser, the user would be able to enjoy the entire web content with superb speed. The embedded Wi-Fi in star provides for faster Internet access and amazing transfer speed. For those who fancy touch screen phones, this is their pick, as it has a full touch bar with capacitive skin. The weight is standard, that is, 95.5g only and it comes packed in a size of 102mm x 58mm x 11.51mm. Since this is a chat phone, the standard battery talk time is a good 14 hours and 20 minutes with stand-by time up to 520 hours. The phone has a dedicated music library, along with 3D sound technology, enabling the music lovers to seriously get indulge in good music. Since Samsung phones always have the advanced Bluetooth version on them, this star’s reach is good too, with Bluetooth 3.0 version it can connect with other compatible phones and can also transfer files faster than ever before.

This phone also helps you to manage your usual power packed day because it supports a total of 500 schedules on per day basis. It also provides support to multi party calls by allowing 5 calls to be join at a time. The reviews of the phone show no complaints and the phone works well even after months of usage. So all in all, does Samsung Star 3 Duos shines? Well, we would be in a safe position if we say yeah, it does shine. In the 5k+ range, along with these latest features, it has the capacity to shine.

Author Bio: Shweta Aggarwal is a Guest Author and writes on automobiles or gadgets. Now she is sharing the information about Samsung Star 3 Duos which is a touchscreen phone from the very popular Star series. Follow her at Google+.

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Although Android phones are great mobile operating systems but they might seem to be quite complicated to use for a newcomer. They have got varying manufacturers, hardware and screen sizes. Therefore, almost every phone differs from the other. Hundreds of settings make it difficult for the user to identify the optimum way of using them.

Here are some general tips and tricks which will guide you how to get best out of your Android phone:

  • Controlling the Volume

You can easily control all notification volumes by going in shortcuts, choosing settings and then selecting sound and display settings. In order to turn the ringer volume off instantly, access it on side of the phone and make it silent. You can also rotate speaker volume to the left for achieving silent mode, if the screen is locked.

  • Airplane Mode

Airplane mode can easily be achieved instantly while the phone is even unlocked through pushing the power button and holding it for a second and then releasing it.

  • Fast Way of Navigation

A fast and easy way to navigate open programs is to press and hold the home button. It will provide you a list of running applications.

  • Call Screening

You can easily open the contact of the person you want to avoid by opening options in select menu and chime the incoming calls of this person directly to your voice mail.

  • Caller Ringtones

You can allocate separate custom ring tones to the callers of your choice in contact directory.

  • Alarm Clock

Increase the battery life of your phone by adding alarm clock to the task killer.

  • Organize and Rename Folders

It is a good option to organize your things in folders. You can also rename them for perfection. Just open the folder you want to rename, long press its name to get the renaming field.

  • Launch Shortcuts

Its keyboard has got customized collection of shortcuts. This can be found by going in settings, applications and then selecting quick launch.

  • Exciting Wallpapers

Newer versions have got exciting and animated live wall papers. This doesn’t only look cool but gives life to your home screen too. Also, this feature doesn’t hinder battery life of your phone. You can load as many types of wallpaper as you like.

  • Zoom

You can use all your screens simultaneously by this feature which brings thumbnails of the entire home screens at the bottom of screen, and you can easily switch from first to last screen.

  • Changing browser font size

Android phone also offers the facility of changing browser font size. It helps you to select the size of your choice for better readability.

  • Searching Web Pages

You have also got the option of searching web pages through your phone.

Hence, you will be able to use your android phone effectively by making use of the mentioned tips. You will now not feel lost in the layers of option screens of your Android phone but will be able to get hold of any version available.

Author Bio

Russel Browne wants to provide some useful tips which would be quite beneficial to smooth the way of Test4prep exam clearance. Would you like to go through GIAC Certifications guide self assessment tutorials.


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There is just this hype lately after Canonical (the company) announced that Ubuntu is ready to be incorporated with Android. It drew attention from manufacturers and service providers.

I think most of us are already familiar with Ubuntu. You can have it as a secondary operating system for Windows or Mac OS and it’s relatively light.

Android should sell more

Last year and until in the early part of this year, Android phones gained more ground against Apple’s iPhone 4s and drastically increased in number. But, with the release of iPhone 4s, the trend could go the other way around. There seems to be a need for some promotional updates to sell some more Androids.

The Webtop – to replace the standard PC

The concept of a phone connected to a PC to work as a PC is embodied in webtop – developed by Motorola Mobility and Google.

Google grabbed the opportunity in this new market and developed the webtop to be its new weapon against other computing Giants.

The webtop concept literally surprised the computer world when it was announced and demonstrated. It basically presented something new. The only problem – it’s slow. Meaning, a lot of work has to be done for this system to be fully functional.

Ubuntu enters the scene

Ubuntu is a Linux based operating software that can be downloaded for free. It also works with some other OS – Windows and Mac OS – as secondary or backup operating system, just in case something happens to your main OS.

Ubuntu will work together with Android, it will not replace it.

You can download Ubuntu for Android, definitely for free. There are some system and hardware requirements though – a docking station, is the most important. A phone first needs to be docked in Ubuntu.

What can Ubuntu do with a phone?

Here’s the list:

  • make it look like a desktop PC
  • search and launch for android applications through Ubuntu’s desktop
  • share wi-fi settings and networks
  • view and search phone contacts through desktop search
  • use text messaging service with full keyboard
  • synch social networking info between Android and Ubuntu
  • edit photos and videos and save them to Android

Boost to Android?

Surely, it will be an additional selling point for Android devices.

However, given the concept a phone being used as a PC, it is not so difficult to execute it in some other OS – for Microsoft and Mac. You can also synchronize, incorporate, and transfer and use data seamlessly.

Besides, Ubuntu still has compatibility issues especially with regard to Word and Excel files – and others. It’s difficult to transfer files to other OS using native Ubuntu apps, unless you stick with the Android ones.

Unless it is already fully functional it will never be a boost to android devices.


Now that android is becoming more popular and more affordable. This practical application of a phone will be an additional selling point.

The not so new concept of a phone replacing a PC is now becoming a reality. The post-PC era was announced with the release and instant popularity of the iPad. I still do not know what the Mac people will bring to the table.

For now, let’s see where this leads to. Given its technological advantages over other products, will it become a big hit? Will it be marketed well or just become another flop? That’s the most important thing after all.


Ric is one of the web content writers of Agents of Value. He publishes in AOV’s blog and also submits articles in some guest blogging sites.

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Easy Battery Saver is a convenient solution to your Battery woes and it really works. It handles all the fine tuning for you but at the expense of a little luxury. Easy Battery Saver conveniently sits in your notifications to begin with and displays the Mode it is operating in and the extent to which Battery life is extended. A quick four square indicator in the notification shows whether WiFi, GPRS, Sync and Bluetooth. On starting the app you can view the charge process which is currently taking place, incase you are charging your phone. The process is divided into Fast Charge, Continuous Charge and Trickle Charge. Following which we all will get to see the Remaining battery capacity.Remaining battery capacity is shown in terms of  Talk Time, Web Surfing, Video Playback & Audio Playback hours.

There are are 5 modes in which the App works, Normal Mode :which won’t do any battery optimization. General Mode : takes control of your Wifi and screen control, as well enforces a Sleep Schedule.

Intelligent Saving Mode, is a very tough mode and you may find it very irritating as it is very stringent. It has the eight different controls and works cautiously to save battery.

Super Power Saving Mode,  will simply knock off everything and ensure your phone runs for the longest possible time. You may just reduced to phone calls and messages. It is more or less the desperate mode.

Advanced Customized Mode, is purely at your discretion, you can purely make your own mix of settings and give priorities to the operations on the phone which you frequently need. Certainly a mode I prefer. Following are the classification of settings :





The app also provides a handy Consumption Tracker, showing exactly where your juice is getting drained.

Our take : Overall it is a quality app, which certainly is a must as your battery begins aging.

Stars : 4 1/2 out 5

Google Play :

Developer Website :


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Smart phones have become one of the most valued possessions for anybody because of its utility for variety of functions and ease of carrying. Several companies in the electronic and communication fields have come out with their own brands with several models. More and more innovative technologies are being introduced in smart phones because of the competition. Being a communication device, market is unlimited giving room for many players to enter the arena. Panasonic the icon of electronic industry in Japan is the latest to enter the field Panasonic Eluga Android smart phone.

Better known for its TV and other electronic and electrical household gadgets entering the smart phone market is new experience. The technology employed is that of Google’s Android. Panasonic Eluga has the following characteristics:

  • The display is 4.3inches square
  • Display screen resolution 960X540
  • Profile rounded and slim. 7.8mm thick
  • Lens fixed at the rear
  • Camera of 8 megapixels
  • Compatibility with remote control for other Panasonic devices
  • Ability for transferring videos etc; to TV instantly on real rime basis

Technical Specifications

Though built sleekly the Panasonic Eluga is robust in construction. Body is sealed making it both dust and water proof, with IP57 certification. That makes this smart phone usable under all weather condition and at all places.

Testing has been done for water proof by keeping the instrument under 1meter of water for a period of 30 minutes. Similarly it has been tested for dust proof. As far as dust proof is concerned dust measuring 75micro meters or even less will kept out and Eluga has been tested for a period of 8hours continuously.

Future Technology

There is built in feature Near Field Communication. This facility is for using the phone for making payment for purchases of goods and services. Technology at Panasonic is being upgraded constantly and that includes Eluga also. What can be expected shortly has already been given in company’s previews. This comes in the form of a Lumix camera with Wi-Fi connection which gives the facility of controlling the camera from a remote point.

Technical Specifications

The Panasonic Eluga works with a Nickel Cadmium battery that is rechargeable. The battery has a capacity of 1150mAh. It will last for about 4hours of talk time.  It can last for 300hours otherwise and may have to be recharged. The entire package is enclosed in a slim body. The smart phone measures 123mm in length, 62 mm in width and 7.8mm in thickness. Weighing only 103grams Eluga is truly a mobile phone easy to carry in the pocket.

Though a late entrant into the field of mobile phones Panasonic has come out with bang, starting out with the Eluga, comparable in technology and features with most advanced smart phones in the field. With strong technological base it will be not a surprise if Panasonic overtake others at least in the matter of innovative technology as far as smart phones are concerned. The Eluga has just been launched highlighting its technical features. There is still no indication of the price.

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The competition between smartphone and tablet operating systems has been getting increasingly fierce in the last few years. From Apple’s iPhone system through to Google’s more open source oriented Android, and Window’s development of its Phone 7, 7.5 and future 8 platforms, users have to consider everything from interface through to open source applications and portability across platforms. Specific comparisons between Android’s 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Windows’ 7.5 Mango platforms particularly demonstrate how the two provide varying strengths and weaknesses.

General Look and Interface

In terms of both phones’ general look and interface, Android’s Linus OS and the Windows OS both score highly in terms of flowing design, although Android is more customisable. Windows score points though with their Live Tiles display, which allows for faster multitasking between different elements of the phone.


One major weakness against Windows 7 and 7.5 at the moment is the lack of applicability to tablet devices. Windows will be introducing this feature with the Windows 8 OS and tablet sometime in the near future. By comparison, Android’s more open source emphasis means that it can be adapted to multiple platforms, as well as being suitable for customisation to everything from wristwatches to televisions.

At present, Windows 7 supports 4G in HSPA and WiMax forms, but lacks Android’s wider extension across different phone providers. The recent introduction of Android 4.0 through the Galaxy Nexus phone has also overshadowed Windows’ use of the Lumia 800 as a less widely available option.


The sheer number of apps for Android make it difficult to compare to Windows’ still limited system. Like Apple, Windows are aiming for a proprietary system that allows them greater end to end control over the apps they sell. Android’s ability to handle multiple apps, albeit through its protected Sandbox feature, does make it potentially more vulnerable to risk though.

Both phones also benefit from their parents’ links and brand recognition. Windows can draw on Microsoft Office Suite and Zune, while the Google search engine and book features like Google Books are well integrated into Android. Windows users might find using Bing as a default search engine more challenging.


Android’s open source design again makes it ideal for use across different platforms and screen sizes. However, Microsoft does have the advantage of being able to connect phones to existing proprietary systems like XBox Live.


Android’s Linux architecture and open source approach gives it the advantage over Windows, which like the iPhone, only really achieves individual flexibility when jailbroken.

Cloud Computing

A key feature of smartphones ability to process large amounts of data and access online software, phones and tablets can access Google Sync and Windows’ SkyDrive services. The choice between the two arguably then comes down to preference for either brand.


While there are a lot more features of the two systems that can be compared, it is fair to say that a choice currently comes down to Android’s more established identity and open source focus, and a trust in Windows’ ability to develop Windows 7 and 7.5 into a more fully integrated Windows 8 platform.

The main advantages to Windows at present are arguably synchronisation with a Windows laptop or desktop, as well as Windows only features. Moreover, both Android and Windows still have to demonstrate that they can overtake Apple at the top of the smartphone and tablet market.

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Google play can be considered as a new name for the Android smartphone market and is a digital marketplace for mobile applications, movies, books as well as music. Google play is undoubtedly a one stop shop for all the entertainment activities which ranges from over 450,000 applications in addition to movies, music and books. There is something to cater the needs of every other user and will provide a very powerful experience.

The basic features of Google play includes the sharing of music, movies or books at anytime and at any place you want. Moreover, it also has the power of cloud computing which means that you can also store in your favorite applications and share it with your friends whenever you want. There are several games that can also played through Google play feature and these games varies from paid as well as free games.

How to play and install best selling Games in Android with Google Play

The process is different from that of the paid apps as compared to the games that are offered free of cost. Below mentioned is the list of best selling free games offered by Google play for android devices.

Installing Free Games

  • Google play games can be installed by clicking on the game after which it will be selected and a screen will appear in which details about the game as well as about the developer will be provided.
  • Click on the ‘Install’ option and then select the device onto which you want to get the game downloaded.
  • The game will now ask for a permission to download the app on which select the option of ‘yes’ if you want it installed and ‘No’ if you want to abort the process.
  • If you click ‘yes’ the downloading process will start up instantly and will get it onto your device depending on the speed of your internet connection.
  • In order to play, simply find it in the folder you have downloaded it and then turn on the application to get started.

Installing Paid Games

  • Navigate to the game and click on it after which the details related to the game as well as to the developer will appear.
  • Click on the option of ‘Buy’ in order to buy and install the game.
  • The next step is to select the device on which the game is to be downloaded from the drop down menu and then click on the option of ‘continue’ so as to grant permission for downloading.
  • During this process, the app will require you to log on to your Google Wallet account if you are making your first transaction on Google play games.
  • Another drop down will appear from where you have to select which mode of payment you prefer for paying out for the Google play game. If your desired mode of payment is not in the list you have the option of adding in a new card
  • Click on the option of ‘complete the purchase’ in order to get the game application.
  • After the successfully verification of the payment procedure and accompanied by a strong Wi-Fi or network connection, the game will start downloading of the Android devices.
  • Now simply click the play option on the device and have fun with your game.

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The Android phones are great, however, if rooted they are much faster, optimized and also capable to be customized at much higher lever. Therefore, rooting your device became very popular lately. Generally, rooting means that we give ourselves permission to execute operations that are implemented by the producers but we don’t have access to them.

In other words, we become able to change the performance and other settings. Since Android is Linux based, it essentially means being given the permissions of a superuser. Then you can add more applications, features and actually raise your phone possibilities. Since the beginning of hacking Android devices many new ones enter the market, so there’s no general guide how to hack a smartphone.

There are some main steps if you are using the most popular method- loading the boot.

  1. Find the program – bootloader suitable for your phone.
  2. Install and start it. Follow the steps. Give yourself a root access.
  3. Download a Custom ROM and install it.
  4. Then you can start customization according to your preferences.

This article will present a beginner tutorial on how to do it if you have some of the most popular Android smartphones.

How to root Samsung Galaxy Nexus

This phone could be customized relatively easy. As it is very popular some Android Eclipse developers decided to spend some time working on a good cause and released a program called Galaxy Nexus Root Toolkit. This program is very easy to use, all you need is a Windows PC (it won’t work with MAC, don’t try it). The whole process is straight forward-

  • Install the program
  • Then go to Drivers and back up your applications and data that you would like to preserve.
  • Click Unlock and Root buttons. This will give you root access.
  • After that all you need is to put a custom ROM Manager. You may find a lot of them online for free or for few bucks.

The best thing about this program is that if by some reason you don’t like your phone after the root process you may easily unrooted it again with the Galaxy Nexus Root Toolkit.

How to root HTC EVO 4G

This phone is very popular. Therefore, a lot of people from Android Eclipse community actually own it and so the rooting process even complicated is very in detail explained. Also many options for further customization are available after rooting it.

  • First of all connect your device with computer and update it if it’s not. Your operation system should be Android (2.3.5).
  • Then just go to HTC official site and download the bootloader. There’s also a guide how to do everything, although there’s not a lot of work.
  • Then you should be able to start the Amon RA recovery and after that the Custom ROM, which is actually what you need.

Keep in mind that using the official HTC bootloader you will leave a footprint on your smartphone.  Don’t get me wrong- when you use the phone there won’t be anything different but if you go to a phone service they will be able to see that you have “hacked” your device and so they may decide that your warranty is not legit anymore.  If you want to customize your phone without such footprints then just use an optimization widget or you have to enter the bootloader trough Captain Throwback methods, which are much more complicated and you should be careful.

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What is Android Rooting?

In simple words, it can be defined as the necessity to take your Smartphone operating with Android to the next level or higher level. And, rooting is just a form of Android hack and is quite helpful in boosting up the performance level of one’s android Smartphone. Usually, it is used for loading few applications like Custom Software, custom themes, and many others on your android device.

Technically, the word “Root” is an outcome of “Root User” used in the Linux Operating System and which is ultimately Android based. Rooting is really very great and allows you to add a lot to your android phone. Like, with the help of rooting, you can totally customize your Android phone, can add lot of wonderful features, and can also fix issues in the operating system.

Though Rooting process sounds very technical and tough but if you have completely decided to go for it then nothing is impossible in this world and you will sure work very hard for it. Below are the 5 main reasons for rooting your Android Phone:

For increasing performance:

Android is supposed to be the best operating system especially developed for mobile phones. To increase the performance of Android, there arises the need of Rooting. The rooting process allows you to modify the Operating system of your phone and will increase the speed of the accessing.

Installing Custom ROMs:

Android launched by Google has now become the most popular operating system as it is being stored in a hardware chip called ROM or Read Only Memory. ROM can be easily changed so one can perform much better by updating ROM or installing Custom ROMs. One of the most famous Custom ROMs is CynaogenMod and is much helpful in offering its full strength after unlocking your android device.

Better battery life:

After successful root process in your Android device, JuiceDefender is an application basically designed for battery saving. For this, you have to search for model of your Phone and then “Root”. After doing this, you will find some power tools designed for setting your phone, may be in details or in simple way.

Total Phone backup and Recovery:

Backups of your android phone can be easily done by installing custom recovery image and one of the famous apps in this regard is ClockworkMod. These backups done are kept stored in SD card of your Android Phone or any other accessible storage. Back up includes each and everything like apps, contacts, SMS, data or any other.

Uninstall Anything:

With the help of Android, many of the device makers and also carriers have found great opportunities to earn revenue just by installing games or any other apps. Root Explorer is the most popular market apps for browsing and wiping out of unwanted apps.

Ilya Elbert writes for several IT Services Jacksonville and PC Repair Jacksonville national service organizations.