Get You Blog Noticed With Blorner

Get You Blog Noticed With Blorner

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Anyone who owns a blog knows the importance of getting it seen and read by hundreds, even thousands, of viewers. They also know that this can be one of the most difficult tasks – it’s easy to create a blog and post some content; the tricky part is getting it read by your target audience. Thanks to the free website,, getting your blog noticed is now a simple task!

With, you can post your entries, your social pages, and it will be included in the directory on the site. Your blog, profile and social pages will be seen by people who are interested in reading what you write about! And, you’ll be able to browse through dozens of other blog owners and read some interesting posts from your fellow bloggers.

You can post your profile so that others can get to know the face and name behind the words. You can post your picture, expertise, your hobbies, your interests, why you started the blog, and many other pertinent facts about yourself.

Blog websites and social pages are just a small part of an overall marketing strategy, but they are extremely important if you want to gain visibility fast. With this free website, you can post your information about your blog at no cost to you.

When you create your account in, you create a gateway for people to find you on the internet. They can search for your newest posts by entering in your name, or by entering in the URL of your blog. Your ‘blorner’ is your own corner, where people will see your updated posts, and they will also be updated automatically on a periodic basis via RSS feed.

Signing up is easy – just enter your name, email, blog name and URL, and create a username and password. Once you’ve created an account, you can create your profile, just as with social pages. Let the world know that you have something to say!



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