Verizon’s FiOS and Flex View offer a convenient media library

Verizon’s FiOS and Flex View offer a convenient media library

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Now that Verizon has raised the standard with their FiOS [Fibre Optic Internet Service] technology they have so much more to offer than previous methods of communications technology. The addition of Flex View provides a video on demand capability like no other. Downloading movies, songs, books, and all your favorite photos is a snap and you can enjoy your media anywhere at any time. Want to see the latest movies and don’t wish to go to a rental store? Simply use your Flex View capability and download it, then watch at your convenience.

FiOS spells fantastic!

Verizon’s FiOS promotions offer so much more than mere television or an internet connection. With the new technology you can watch movies or television programs on a “video on demand” basis that gives you control of when you watch and what you watch. Movies download quickly and you can then watch them on your choice of many different media such as your own big screen television! Music can be kept in a library provided by Flex View which is an option found with Verizon’s FiOS media packaging. Provided by the very technology that gives us IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) the possibilities are endless when it comes to getting all your media (television, internet, and telephone) connections lightening fast and of superlative quality.

Recently added Flex View has much more to offer viewers

Ever sit in a doctor’s office and find your wait lengthening because he’s running behind? You can read the month’s old magazines they provide or you can watch a recently released movie on your internet ready device such as an Android cell phone. Music can be stored and listened to from anywhere convenient to you and when you upload your favorite photos of the kids or last summer’s vacation you can view them anytime and from anywhere as well. The convenience of Flex View is only surpassed by the quality of the viewing! High speed and excellent high definition viewing is all made possible in one convenient package from Verizon’s FiOS.

High quality television viewing has never been more convenient!

Now there are so many options for television programming through modern technology. You can view your favorite programming, especially those episodes of Grey’s Anatomy or Burn Notice you missed last week whenever convenient to you. With hundreds of channels to select from you will never be bored nor have a night with nothing to watch. Add on the VOD or video on demand options and you will have the world of telecommunications at your grasp. The picture is better than ever before and the choices are nearly endless with Verizon’s FiOS and their Flex View capability.

Surfing the internet has never been faster!

Verizon also provides the fastest ever connection speed to the world wide web through its FiOS service. The possibilities offered have never been more inviting and both upload as well as download speeds are simply fantastic! Through the magic of fiber optics you will be amazed by how true high quality HD television along with high speed crystal clear telephone service, and the high speed internet connection can make life easier and more enjoyable as well as entertaining for you and your family.



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