WordPress Plugin : Useful Banner Manager

WordPress Plugin : Useful Banner Manager

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A banner manager plugin is designed to help your blog feature banners more easily. One such plugin which I shall be reviewing today is Useful Banner Manager [UBM].

Installation: Installation is simple and the plugin file can either be downloaded from WordPress or can be installed by heading over to WPAdmin> Plugin >Add New. You will require to unzip and upload the plugin files to your site directory in case you choose the former.

Configuration: The plugin is straight forward and does what it intends to. On the configuration page, you are  presented with a variety of options to setup you banners. The foremost task is to upload the image to be used as the banner. UBM accepts jpg, jpeg, gif, png and even swf files.

A title is mandatory for the banner. If you’re using an image banner, you can additionally provide an image alt and a target link and location as well. The banners can be restricted by time as directed by the ‘Active Until’ setting. For rotational banner, the banner order specifies priority of the banner.

Useful Banner Manager Admin Panel

That was about configuring UBM.

Usage : UBM uses a widget oriented approach for displaying banner. The banners created by the above configuration are available to be used through widgets. Headover to the widgets section of your WordPress Admin page. You shall find 2 widgets pertaining to UBM.

The simple widget allows you to display selected banners one below the other win the widget. All the available banners are display in a list and you can select the banners required through checkboxes. The second instance of the widget allows rotation. This is where the banner order set in the configuration comes into play. You can set the interval between banner rotations. Ordering can be random as well. Banner selections is the same as in the previous widget.

Overall, the plugin provides a much needed functionality with minimal effort. Usage is plain and simple, results are as desired. The plugin will come in handy for those who require to display rotating ads on their sites. The premium version of the plugin is also available with extra features like impressions and click history.



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