Sodexo Releases Workplace Trends Report 2013

Sodexo Releases Workplace Trends Report 2013

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Sodexo, company that offers insight into issues that affect employees, employers and community in general, has just released their annual workplace trends report. The report reveals that the current workforce see corporate social responsibility a potential motivating factor at work. It also revealed that 85 percent of Millennials just entering the workforce would consider leaving their job if the employer failed to fulfill their expectations.

Among other things, the Workplace trends report also show the growth of social media usage among employers when looking for new employees. Seven out of ten companies asked about it said that they have successfully hired through social media.

Sodexo North America’s COO and market president Michael Norris commented on the report, saying that “It’s a volatile world; economic factors, social issues, even naturally occurring events such as severe weather, place pressure on organizations to consistently deliver innovative, integrated solutions to complex problems. It’s not a matter of if, it’s when—the time when an organization is presented with the opportunity to do the right thing for their employees, their communities and the environment.”

Altogether the report identified 12 significant workplace trends. From recruiting to bullying at work, from motivation to changes in the way workforce today evaluate their employers. You can learn more about them all


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