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Ademero Inc is a company that aims to provide complete document management software solutions to businesses of different sizes. They value user experience the most and consider that as the factor that drives product design. Based on the feedback they have received over the years, they offer an easy-to-use suite of document management applications.
Similar to how blogs use content management systems [CMS] in order to manage their content, a document management system [DMS] is used by organisation to manage their documents. Multiple departments and processes are connected.
Ademero’s flagship product is Content Central, which is a combination of many components made to manage document centric processes. The Content Central application first has to be installed on a Microsoft server. Installation can be done on multipler servers if performance needs to be boosted. Once installation is complete, user accounts will be created. Users can connect from different platforms including Windows, Mac or Linux.
Now users have access to the variety of document management tools. Documents can be created using electronic forms.Documents from scanners and email accounts can also be captured. The scanned images are converted into PDF files using character recognition. This allows user to search text within them. Since email and fax tools are integrated, no external softwares are requred for communication.
All activity can be done from a Web Browser on the client machine. Some additional features worth mentioning are:
Paper Capture : Most organisation use the paper form for documentations. However having an e-copy as backup is advisable. The paper capture component allows users to capture paper content using scanners.
Collaboration: Collaboration is the foundation on which many companies are built. Employees need a platform where in they can collaborate and create content. Content central provides this feature with ease. Permissions can be given to different users and thus the files can be managed by many employees.
Easy Distribution : Content and document distribution has been facilitates using inbuilt email and fax tools which are provided as a part of content central.
Forms: Content central easily generates forms which can be used as templates for later use.
Indexing: Scanned documents and other documents are indexed for faster searching. Keyworks are extracted and used for creating indexes.
Security: This is the utmost requirement when it comes to managing company resources. Content central allows administrators to assign various permissions and control access to media.
Readers are encouraged to check out the Ademero website and familiarize themselves with the vast applications of Content Central.


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