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Tablet and smartphone users, rejoice as some of the hottest new Android games are ready for your playing pleasure. There are Android games to suit every level of gamer, from casual player to hard-core gamer.

For Casual Android Gamers

Hamster Cannon

Hamster Cannon is like Angry Birds; you launch a cute, furry animal to try and navigate certain obstacles. The game is easy to learn but becomes more challenging as you rise through over 70 levels. Different hamsters have different abilities, such as a hamster wearing a spiked helmet. You can play for a couple of minutes here and there—beating a level at a time—or settle in for an hour of some serious hamster-launching.

Battle Bugs

Battle Bugs also belongs to the firing-animals genre. It differs from other games in that you can launch legions of bugs at a time, which work together to demolish obstacles. Battle Bugs is reminiscent of the old game Worms.

Boost Your Attention

Following on the heels of Boost Your Memory, Boost Your Attention lets you test and improve various facets of your attention span. Find out how many tasks you can juggle at once. See how intently you can focus your attention. Boost Your Attention is grounded in science, thanks to the psychological professionals who helped develop it.

The Minor Lords: Archibald and Remus

The Minor Lords thrusts you into a medieval world. Travel from realm to realm, building castles along the way. You get to design your own castles: weapons and fortification systems, as well as interior decorating. Best of all, the Minor Lords is completely free.

For Experienced Android Gamers

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1

Every experienced gamer remembers Sonic with a mixture of nostalgia and frustration. This two-dimensional Android platformer game puts you in control of your old speed-rolling friend. Dr. Eggman has survived the destruction of his space station and is sending fearsome robots your way once again. Beware!

Rift Mobile

Rift lets you choose to serve good or evil in the world of Telara. Now you can play this MMORPG right from your phone. Keep abreast of guild developments and event notifications at all times with the Rift Mobile app.

Modern Combat 3

Finally, a decent first-person shooter for Android. Fast reflexes and strong hand-eye coordination are a must for Modern Combat 3. Are you up to the challenge?

No matter what kind of game you’re looking for, the Android platform has it. Give one of these hot new Android games a try.

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