4gb ram but only 2.75 gb usable ?

4gb ram but only 2.75 gb usable ?

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What a rip off ?…………According to the answers.microsoft.com, a 32-bits operating system is not able to use more than 2.75 gig of RAM (Maximum adressable memory is 2*32 which is around 2.75 gig). In order to fully use the 4 Gig of RAM, you need a 64-bits operating system.

Now which are the OS’s were a smarty pants like me can use the 4 GB installed RAM,


Microsoft has released Windows Vista, including a 64-bit version for AMD64/EM64T processors that retains 32-bit compatibility. In the 64-bit version, all Windows applications and components are 64-bit, although many also have their 32-bit versions included for compatibility with plugins.


In 2001,Microsoft had also released Windows XP 64-Bit Edition for the Itanium’s IA-64 architecture, although it was able to run 32-bit applications through an execution layer.


And if you want to go my way, go for Ubuntu 11.04, you can either go for either a home delivery for free or if you are impatient download it like me from either a direct link or Torrent.Click here to download. Now this is a latest version, so go get your hands on some really new stuff.




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