How To Speed Up Your Android Phone

How To Speed Up Your Android Phone

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The progress of the Android developers is easy to be noticed. The applications are becoming much more complex, with better graphics and much higher capabilities. Despite of the fact that this gives the consumers more freedom and options, it has a weakness. These programs are requiring too much of your phone and so after adding two or three of them the speed goes down and so does the overall functionality of your device. There’s a solution of this problem that very often occurs- it’s to optimize and speed up your phone. Generally there are two methods to do that- the first one is to root it and the other one is to optimize it with a program.

Rooting the phone is also known as hacking it. What you actually do is to change the manufacturer settings for the level of performance. This could be tricky so I advise you to read several manuals how to do that before trying it. Moreover there are plenty of videos on YouTube that will also help. The great thing about rooting your phone is that once it is done then you may be able to tweak it further. In other words you will be able to install custom ROM and even configure it trough the advanced settings. One more thing that could be done is to Overclock your device. That means you will increase the performance of your phone manually but also the battery will be drain faster. However if you find the right balance the results will be a great speed boost. The last option that you have with hacked Android smartphone is to uninstall the Crapware. That’s the program responsible for keeping the backup in case of a crash. But if you are ready to sacrifice your information then this will improve the overall performance by at least 15/20%, which may not seem very high figure but is a lot.

The other way to increase the performance of your phone is by installing an optimization programs. One of the top Android widgets at the moment is Android

Booster.It’s incredibly efficient and easy to be used. Just install it and it will automatically optimize partly your phone and will give you recommendations for more improvements. Once you approve them it will agaand not to put many things on them. These new launcher applications are really cool but they slow your device a lot. However if you like the launcher and want to keep it then just go and tweak its memory usage according to your preferences. That will enable to optimize the program and so the phone. This will lead to bin fixed them automatically. To increase the effect even more you can leave more free internal storage- the more space you have the faster will be the phone. Also is a great idea not to use so many homescreens etter performance.

Keep in mind that if your device is too old these methods may not have the expected results. In such case just go and buy new one or get used to live without fancy applications. All this tips are tested many times and their efficiency is proofed so if you really want increase the speed of your Android phone just find a good guide and follow the steps.


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