LG Optimus G Pro Android Smartphone – Hands-on Preview

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LG has at last confirmed that it was indeed planning to release it first smartphone named LG Optimus G Pro sometime in April in Japan this year. It has also been confirmed that, it may be sometime later before it is released in other territories. That sets at rest all rumors surrounding the new smartphone. Smartphone users have generally welcomed the development. Pictures of G Pro could be seen in many tech gadget websites. An earlier model of G Pro, LG Optimus G was hit amongst smartphone users it may be noted.

Simply too Powerful – First Impression

On the face of technical specification so far available, it is obvious that LG Optimus G Pro has too much of power packed into it, though nobody can tell what for. At 5 inch, the Pro is simply a superb machine with an astounding screen resolution of 1920 x 1080, making it one of the best in its class. That means, prospective buyers can plug it into their HD television and use it for streaming HD videos straight way, and all that they may need is a cable to connect.

The Camera is something to watch for. The 13 megapixel could as well be used for shooting professional quality pictures if it that is ultimately delivered in the G Pro. Whether it will sport a camera in the front though is not clear from the images circulating in the internet. Little however is known about the video capabilities or the fps of the recording system. But considering that the LG Optimus G Pro will be running on 1.7 GHz quad-core Snapdragon Processor, there is every chance that video recording will be of the highest quality.

The other specifications, 2 GB RAM and the built in 32 GB memory which can further be expanded to 2 TB are equally superb. The fact that Android Jelly Bean is the OS and will support 4G LTE adds some additional punch. The 3000 mAH battery should see the device running well, but whether it is enough we will know only when it is used.

Market Sentiments

Though on the face of what appears and with little authentic information and no one having reportedly tried the device on hand, market watchers generally feel that yet another smartphone with so much power in it is too much in an already crowded market. Yet another segment of watchers feel that there is still enough space for new models. But, the final outcome will be apparent only when the product finally hits the market globally.

Threat to Apple

Yet another angle to the G Pro is the stiff competition it may pose to Apple’s similarly placed products. It may be noted that Apple has been filing suits in courts complaining that many smartphones are copies of its invention. However, that does not seem to be making much impact upon new manufacturers and existing ones entering the highly competitive market for smartphone. With so much awesome features, it is widely held, that the G Pro will be a big hit in western markets, and possibly eat into traditional Apple’s fortress, unless Apple is able to pull a couple of tricks with something better. As of now, prospective buyers are in a wait and watch mood to see which way things will be moving.

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