Garmin Vivofit – the premier choice for activity tracking

Garmin Vivofit – the premier choice for activity tracking

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Garmin Vivofit

Well after a lot of thought and market research, pretty much something I do for every major gadget purchase. I have finally decided I am going in for Garmin Vivofit. This is something I said on the 18th April 2014, a Good Friday I was spending away from home. But this is how the hunt ended, but the hunt started very differently.

My first preference was honestly the Fitbit Force, which a close friend of mine purchased while he

Fitbit Force

Fitbit Force

was on a business trip to America, he fought quite a few snow storms to get to the store to find only one available there. Hence he obviously kept it for himself. Well I kept waiting for it for quite some time to be launched in the UK, but it never got launched. Unfortunately a market leader like the Fitbit Force had to wind up it sales in February 2014 with a voluntary recall in accordance with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. This recall did take place because of  several users complaining of rash and irritation. According to James Park, CEO of Fitbit, nearly 1.7% of the users complained of this skin irritation. This was followed up with an apology, then a statement for a voluntary recall with complete direct refund to all consumers.


Fitbit Flex

Fitbit Flex, was never even in the reckoning, it did not count floors, did not have a display, did not have a display of for time (certainly when I wanted to substitute my watch), and biggest drawback needed to be charged every five days, which sounded silly to me.  That was the end of the Fitbit story for me.

Over to find out why the Nike FuelBand did not make the cut. The first thing I spotted was the battery life, just a meagre 7 days, which was again a complete turn off. Something which was like a massive NO in my face was the fact that it does support Android Phones, which did not make sense. An international brand like Nike completely ignoring Android users felt very out of touch.

This band lacks vibration alerts and sleep tracking and does really provide an in depth picture with all the stats it is gathering.


Nike FuelBand


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