How To Prolong Laptop Battery Life..

How To Prolong Laptop Battery Life..

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One of the most critical things to be concerned about with a laptop is the battery life.  It is important to keep the battery going for a long time. This is especially during times of power shortages when low laptop battery life might be very frustrating. There are a few ways of keeping   laptop battery life going for as long as possible.

1) One of the simplest ways of keeping battery life going for long is to defrag regularly. Ensure that the hard drive is efficient through defragging it regularly. Of course defragging must be done while it is not on battery. De-fragmentation arranges the sector data on your hard drive such that, all the data pertaining to a particular application is located in consecutive sectors, thereby reducing load time.

2) The second way of   increasing the laptop battery life is to dim the laptop screen. Cutting the laptop screen light is a sure way of getting the most from a laptop battery. The screen consumes a lot of power and dimming it will reduce power use.

3) It is significant to remove programs that are running in the background. This ensures that you reduce the CPU load. It is important to cut all programs that are not important when   using the battery.

4) Remove unused external devices like the USB storage device. External devices eat onto battery life. Charging external devices from your laptop drains the battery and should be avoided.

5) The fifth way of keeping laptop battery life   long is adding more RAM. Adding more RAM enables your computer to process with your laptop memory rather than   the virtual memory. Virtual memory is not power efficient as  it relies on hard drive.

6) Another major way of keeping your battery life long is to run off hard drive instead of DVD or CD. This is because CDs and DVDs consume more power than hard drives. Having a CD in the drive is sometimes power consuming. It is advisable to turn on virtual drives without using optical programs.

7) The seventh way of increasing battery life is keeping the battery contacts clean.  Alcohol is the recognized solvent that is used in the cleaning of laptop batteries.  The practice ensures that power transference from the battery   very efficient.

8) Battery experts post that leaving batteries that have charge idle destroys them. It is recommended to use the battery once every two weeks. Never leave a Li-On battery without charge. The standby mode saves less power than the hibernate mode. It is important in increasing battery power to leave the laptop in a hibernate function.

9) Ensure that the operating temperature is down. The cooler the laptop, the more efficient it is going to become. Cleaning all the air vents will help in cooling the laptop.

10) Set up and optimize laptop power options.

11) Another sure way of increasing battery life is to make sure that you do not multitask when low on power.  Do only one thing at a time when using the battery. Multitasking drains battery power.

12) Ask less from the PC. More demands make the PC to consume more battery power. Prioritize on the activities you do on   the laptop. Getting a more efficient laptop   ensure that one is able to buy a laptop that has a long life power battery.  Another way of increasing battery life is to prevent the memory effect. Removing  the memory effect is going to increase battery life.

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