How to view folder-size column in Windows Explorer

How to view folder-size column in Windows Explorer

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Have you ever had the need to urgently free some hard-drive space and found yourself struggling to find out which folders on your disk consume the maximum GBs ? What if you had a column to show folder size in Explorer itself. Simple sort by folder-size and delete what is not required. This article will teach you how.

1) The first thing you need is the directory size dll file which will add the required column. You can download it here

2) Copy the DLL file in your C:\Windows\system32 folder [or whereever windows is installed]

3) The next thing you need to do is register the DLL. For this goto Start>>Run and type the following –

regsvr32 C:\WINDOWS\system32\dirsize.dll

4) Now go to Windows Explorer. Select detailed view from View Menu. Now right click on the top bar which says headings like name, size, type etc. Select FolderSize from the popup menu.

5) You should now be able see folder size column in detailed view. To set this column to be visible in all folders, goto Tools>>Folder options>>View Tab>>Click on ‘Apply to All Folders’


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