IPhone Spying App: The Ironclad Tool for the Ultimate Digital Safety

IPhone Spying App: The Ironclad Tool for the Ultimate Digital Safety

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You won’t really notice how discretely data is exchanged between your electronic device and the ‘others’ on the internet. Those apps installed on your iPhone—factory or third party, skim information out of your smartphone, just like a pickpocket would do that with your cash, even if it’s resting inside your purse, safely.

Technology’s convenience comes with the setbacks of its own, and there is nothing more disappointing than to lose your personal photos, videos or chats to some third party app. But if you don’t want that to happen with your kids or employee, you can take help from an app.

Different people require different layers of digital safety. For someone like me would be fine with any third party app accessing my phone’s cache, as there isn’t much inside my iPhone, but for someone like my daughter, there is another world that resides inside her smartphone—an unrealistic fancy world of fables and collages. Digital safety is important for kids like her. To protect your devices against digital theft, the only solution is to never keep anything personal onto your device that you may regret losing to someone else. But what will you do when it comes to safeguarding devices that are not under your control?

From our family to our offices, every electronic device requires some software or hardware for its protection. Well you won’t really have to care about dissemination of data from your kids’ or employees’ iPhone or iPads, if you know that there isn’t anything peculiar stored on their devices.  For that you needs and03 iPhone spying app, like XNSPY, that can be installed onto any iOS device, running OS 6.0 or higher, so you can always check what’s saved inside your kids’ or employees’ smartphone.

You can’t only lose data to apps, but to anyone, to whom you lose your device. So under any such circumstance of stolen or lost smartphone, you can make sure your personal information stays with you. (Read on to know what you can do about it)

XNSPY Remote Control

The Remote Control feature by XNSPY makes sure that you are always ready to wipe data off your device, in any case of losing your iPhone. To make this work, you will be required to install XNSPY onto the target device. After that, you will have remote access to the target device; using XNSPY’s online webpage based Control Panel. If you are worried about strangers titillating your kids on social media networks, you can make sure that they stay away from their devices at night with XNSPY’s Remote lock feature.

XNSPY is available for a price of $8.33/month. But that Remote Control is not just what you are paying for. The app also lets you spy on:

  • Phone logs: calls, SMS, emails, internet browsing history, phonebook, calendar entries.
  • Social media apps: Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Skype, Kik and iMessage.
  • Gallery: Photos, videos and audio.
  • Real-Time location: GPS tracking and Geo-fencing.

For social media apps, you can access chats, call logs and multimedia shared on these aforementioned apps. Geo-fencing makes sure that your kids or employees stay within a certain geographical boundary.

iPhone spying app like XNSPY is really handy to minimize the collateral of internet abuse.

This is a post from one our Guest Authors, Angelica Andrew. Thank you Angelica !


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