Tips & Tricks To Save Battery On Your Android Phone

Tips & Tricks To Save Battery On Your Android Phone

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It has been a while since I’ve hit a sweet spot in the configuration of app configurations & power settings of my LG Nexus 4 to stay alive for nearly 24 hours without a single recharge or at least a complete working day without a recharge. Smartphones are the key to all our interactions and communications. There is a mix of some obvious steps which I will address last and some really cool apps which helped me hit this configuration.

1. DU Battery Saver – App
screenshot du battery saver

This one takes care of majority of the hassle. It helps you set modes which you can switch to, like General or Sleep. You can also create your own custom modes. You can optimize based on the following:-

  • Screen BrightnessScreenshot - DU Battery Saver
  • Screen Timeout
  • Vibrate
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Mobile Data
  • Sync
  • Haptic Feedback

It helps you monitor the number of charges you have performed in a calendar format with a breakdown of Regular and Healthy charges. Charges are classified as healthy when the phone is charged from below 20% to above 75%.

One of the key instant features is the OPTIMIZE button, this magical button comes up with all of the following.

  • Saver Recommendations – Apps which are power consuming and are currently running
  • Paid Functions: Like Advance Saving / Automatic Cleaning
  • Manual Power Options which tinker around with Screen Brightness, Screen timeout, Sync settings etc. , and bring them to an optimum power saving level

On hitting OPTIMIZE, you have the App doing what it thinks is best for your phone like Shutting down application, switching off the Bluetooth and so on. It is a quick clutter free escape to an energy saving haven.

Head to the Play Store here to download the app and give it a try.

2. WiFi Power Saver App

Wifi Power Saver has a very reliable WIFI connection timeout policy controlled by a configurable number of minutes you can time it out. If the connection times out, it automatically switches off the WiFi. Also, when the WiFi has been switched off, it comes up with a notification. An optional tap on the notification switches back the WiFi if required. This is it, nothing more to say, this simply can work wonders for your power guzzling phone.

3. AutomateIt


AutomateIt Rules


I was not satisfied with the above two solutions, and went on looking for something more complicated. I landed up with AutomateIt which is quite a handy app to automate majority of your daily mundane tasks.

It is based on a very simple concept

  • Trigger
  • Action
  • Rule

Example : I would like to see my WiFi come on automatically if I am looking at the turned on screen. The recipe may sound complicated, but it is very easy with all the self explanatory icons available .

  • Trigger : Device Screen is turned on
  • Action : Set Wi-Fi Adapter to Wi-Fi Enabled

Coming to the power saving bit, one of the key recipes would be as follows :

automateIT(Obviously when you knock off to bed at night, you rather not be disturbed or it is certainly not a time you would like to use the WiFi, why not turn it off)

  • Trigger : Triggers on 00:00, every day
  • Action : Set Wi-Fi adapter status to Wi-Fi Enabled

Similarly you can switch back on in the morning at 06:00. There are plenty of other such rules available in the rules market which can be downloaded from the Rules Market. Enjoy all of them.


This has extended by battery life by a nearly a couple of hours. Enjoy the difference ! Please do not forget to share your suggestions and ideas.


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