Top Cloud Computing Security Issues

Mohit Nayak | November 30, 2012 | 0 Comments

Cloud computing is indeed an innovative concept. It offers greater flexibility, reduces costs and increases mobility. However, cloud computing has a range of security issues that need to be tackled.
1.) Location of the data
The location of the data is a key security concern when it comes to cloud computing. Distinct countries have separate regulations when it comes to securing the data under cloud computing. Data proliferation is a big concern and one should enter in a written agreement with the cloud computing solution provider before placing the data under cloud computing.

2.) Internal clouds too cannot guarantee safety
Most organizations over the year have developed private clouds behind their farewell. However, opting for a private cloud instead of a public cloud does not guarantee total safety. Depending upon private cloud can create trouble too as someone with bad intention inside the organization can create trouble and the worst part is that the owner will never get to know about the same. The way out is to keep yourself updated on cloud developments, even if you have developed your private cloud for tackling security concerns.

3.) Less security visibility and risk awareness
If using a public cloud, security concerns are of paramount significance. If one decides to maintain a low visibility owing to security concerns this is bound to have a telling effect on the business prospects.
However, one needs to get innovative to tackle these issues. You can set your systems to generate auto alerts whenever data proliferation is done. Specific alerts can be generated in conditions as and when any records are modified or files are changed frequently.

4.) Safe storage for sensitive data
Safe storage of data is a big concern with cloud computing. Though Cloud users ensure safety of the data by using encrypted data but make the mistake of storing the encryption key along with the encrypted data. This makes the work of the hacker easier as they are able to access the data with ease. Get smart and find separate place for storing encryption keys and guarantee safety of your data.

5.) Apps are not a secure option
Application security is getting increased attention over the last few years. A key mistake that business owners commit is to take an existing application and deploy the same to cloud environment. This can create some problems as the application has not been tested for new attack vectors.
The solution here is to re architect the application, considering the limitations of cloud computing. This way not only is the security of the application guaranteed but it will also ensure that you do not suffer from potential business losses.

6.) Robust authentication and authorization
Cloud authentication and authorization are key security issues that need to be addressed. Every individual organization has its own authentication and authorization protocols. The need of the hour is to devise a standard authentication and authorization protocol.
Check if your authentication and authorization procedures work well in the cloud computing setting. If not,taking some professional help can be of great use.

Follow the above listed measures and ensure comprehensive security of your precious data.

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