Why everyone should have an external harddrive!

Why everyone should have an external harddrive!

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Every computer has a hard drive – it is a vital piece of computer hardware which stores all your music, videos, documents and pictures. Hard drives have been performing this vital function out of sight and out of mind inside your computer tower since time immemorial.

The advent of the external hard drive brought with it many advantages over traditional internal hard drives. It is my intention in this article to explore a few of the reasons why everyone needs an external hard drive. By the end of this article, you won’t be asking why everyone needs an external hard drive, but rather why does everyone not have one!

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Five Reasons

There are five main reasons why everyone needs an external hard drive. These are:

  1. Portability
  2. Ease of use
  3. Data loss prevention
  4. Security
  5. Cost effectiveness

Although there are many reasons why everyone needs an external hard drive, these are the most important points.

Take Your Data Anywhere

One of the biggest advantages that external hard drives have over internal hard drives is their portability.

Over time, external hard drives have become smaller and smaller. As such there’s no longer an excuse not to have your favorite music, videos, documents and pictures with you all the time.

With an external hard drive, access to a computer becomes access to your files, anywhere, anytime!

It’s as Easy as Plug and Play!

USB is the industry standard for connecting devices to a computer.

With almost all external hard drives utilizing USB as the primary method of connection, there’s no worry about installing drivers or additional software.

It really is as easy as plug and play!

Can You Really Afford to Lose Your Data?

In one fell-swoop, a virus or other malicious files could render your computer inoperable.

Could you imagine the horror of losing the snaps of your child’s christening or having to rebuild your music library again?

Save yourself the horror of such a scenario and invest in an external hard drive. It’s the perfect back-up solution. Treat yourself to peace of mind, before it’s too late!

Security Benefits

A number of external hard drives come with added security benefits, including finger print validation or encryption. Even more basic external hard drives come with the added benefit that it can be hidden or stored in a safe.

Considering the value of data, the cost of an external hard drive is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Cost Effectiveness

You can now pick up an external hard drive at a price comparable to an internal hard drive.

All the advantages of external hard drives considered, why pay more for less?


External hard drives are a cost-effective, secure, and easy-to-use solution for storage and portability needs. Why does everyone need an external hard drive?

All advantages considered, why doesn’t everyone already have one?


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