Best Stand Up Comedy – Lighten up your day

Best Stand Up Comedy – Lighten up your day

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The world and its news is become extremely negative. It is very hard to switch to a news channel at the end of a very tiring day. We are very well aware of the violence, hyper sensitization of remarks, and greed to grab someone else’ life which takes place everyday and all this negativity happily covers the prime time on every news channel. There is very little positive energy being passed around. With an overdoes of these negative thoughts and with an overall sentiment of disgust I began to look for something positive on the internet which I was about to sleep. I stumbled upon some brilliant videos on You Tube of some budding stand up comedians. The content is shockingly very thought provoking, much more sense being made here than the time spent watching the crazy debates we have on our Indian National News Channels. Comedy is known to be positive and I am sure the compilation below will make you feel much better.

Another passing thought was, that it is a great feeling to see that we have so many of these elegant stand up comedians cropping up. I have grown up watching Seinfeld and Russel Peter videos. To find somebody performing this well and in your city is an amazing feeling. There is a very positive feeling that there are great things to come in this fecund space.

Well one thought is leading to another, I am pretty sure this would be the final one. I don’t believe the shows we see on television like the Comedy Nights franchise are a true representation of the Indian Stand Up Comedy scene. The jokes are always forcibly bordered on vulgarity, sort of hypocritically. The audience is literally poked to laugh on certain occasions. The actual punches are too few to be found, the rest of the time the audience has an overacting cast forced down its throat and made to laugh.

 The Death Penalty – Daniel Fernandes Stand-Up Comedy


Marital Rape – Daniel Fernandes Stand-Up Comedy


Her Husband Made her a Prostitute – Daniel Fernandes Standup Comedy


Student Suicide – Daniel Fernandes Stand-Up Comedy

This is the video I first watched of Daniel Fernandes, slowly to find out that this just one the quality acts he has delivered.  The best part and something that may sting while you take off those headphones is the punch which Daniel finally delivers  “You guys are giving me your money and you guys go back to your job which you hate all because you study too hard. This is poetic”


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