Javeria- Modern electronics for kitchen

Javeria- Modern electronics for kitchen

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Dear ladies, we’re a part of the 21st century which is a much more bigger and greater industrially revolutionized society as compared to the previous times. The modern times have facilitated us with various amounts of things along with the help of science and the success of modern technology. Back in those times who would imagine travelling through an airplane from one country to another within a few hours? Secondly, who would’ve thought about crossing the oceans, deserts and going past any geographical limitation without any trouble or hindrance? Moreover, would the people who used to travel tons of kilometers just to reach to a telephone office in order to make a phone call ever imagine that there will be a world when the entire globe would be on one’s finger tips surrounded by the horizon of a small smart phone? The answer is probably no but the evolution of science and modern technology has changed that no into a definite yes! Yes, there is a world where you can talk, see and chat with loved ones living a million miles apart, where you can travel from one continent to another in a matter of a few hours and where you can get to know regarding the next 10 days weather forecast by browsing through your phone.

Similarly, since the world is changing; simultaneously people’s living standards have changed too. Women are no more limited to the house but are now even the bread earners of the family. So in order to meet the needs of such working women, the commercial industries have come up with modern electronics which just by being present in your kitchen can make your life a whole lot easier by saving your time and energy. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Water Purifier


Usually most of the mums ask their children not to drink from anyone else’s water bottle in school, never to drink tap water and only drink mineral water. This works along with, all of the mommies aiming to cook fat burning foods at home so that the family remains healthy and doesn’t face obesity. So mommies, if all of you are so conscious about your family’s eating habit and ensure that they eat and drink healthy then you should definitely include a water purifier as an essential part of your kitchen appliances. However, they come in various shapes and sizes but you should buy the one which suits the place at your house where you plan to install it i.e. fitting in the space over there. Moreover, always go for a purifier which doesn’t need much maintenance but gives an efficient performance. Furthermore, water purifier is known to,

  • Eradicate impurities found in the water.
  • Removes germs making it safe to drink.
  • Helps one save up the time for separately boiling water and later filling up jugs from it.


  1. Dish Washer


If I’d enter a room full of women and ask them that which is one household chore that they dislike doing the most, a unanimous answer would be dish washing. However, different ladies have different reasons behind it, some are allergic to dish washing soaps, others feel that the palm of their hands get stiff and hard if they regularly wash dishes whilst others would just complain of being busy the whole day because of work and then not having the energy to wash all the dishes once they’re back home. So a simple solution to this issue has been offered in the form of a dish washer. All you’re required to do is,

  • Scrap away the excess food which remains on the dish. Make sure that you eat fat burning foods on a regular basis though.
  • Next, start placing the utensils that is plates, glasses and spoons in their respective racks.
  • Later, place the dish detergent in the given area.
  • Remember not to block the water sprayer whilst placing the utensils inside.
  • The close the door, choose a water cycle and wait until all of your dishes are washed neat and clean.


  1. Coffee Maker


To all you coffee lovers, students who need coffee in order to stay up and study and those who start their morning with coffee. An easy way out for you to make coffee if you’re tired and don’t like making it yourself isn’t just asking your mother or sister to make it for you but having a coffee maker at home which will do the same work for you much more efficiently. A coffee maker brews coffee and prepares it within no time while you sit there and enjoy your cup with your favorite cookies once it’s done. But remember to,

  • Buy a coffee maker which has is enriched with lots of cleaning features,
  • Steam ward.
  • Water filter.
  • Manual water control.


  1. Trio Peeler

4A trio peeler helps when one is preparing fat burning foods which require the peeling of vegetables in order to boil or steam them. You would either peel them before boiling or afterwards, however whenever you wish to do so a trio peeler will be there at rescue! This is an appliance which has a three in one tool that has rotating blades which proficiently and very smoothly peel off hard skins, soft one’s and even julienne. You’d probably need this in your kitchen to peel off,

  • Potato skin.
  • Radish skin.
  • Carrot skin.
  • Cucumber skin.
  • A trio peeler will be of great help to peel away the unwanted skin while preparing a yummy Russian salad for dinner.



5I know most of the mommies can relate with the struggle they have to through while heating the toasts at breakfast. At times they get too stiff or even burnt and once burn then the toast goes to waste. So an easy way out to this is by buying a toaster which will end up by providing you with a warmer, crispier and stiff edged toast. However, the elements of a good toaster which you should make sure are there in your toaster too are,

  • Energy efficient.
  • Double slots.
  • Removable crump tray.



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