“Walk” is the Word.

“Walk” is the Word.

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imagesTo be honest, I found this on facebook and noted it down in Google Keep, I tried hunting down the original author, however I could not find one. I find the worlds really inspirational and simple. We are born and bred in a world where confrontation is the key, where we step out of cars to jump into road rage. We are always re-enforced to stand up, obstruct and fight, when may be there is no fight required. May it is just a hot head waiting to get into a confrontation.

I have encountered this many a time in office, when my blood boils and I see injustice, my thinking goes askew and it is all driven by rage. All what is required is a ‘Walk’ to get that blood pressure under control and bring sense and perspective back into the picture. Here are some very precious words which will stand the test of time.

‘Walk Away’
from arguments that lead you to nowhere but anger.

‘Walk Away’
from people who delebrately put you down.

‘Walk Away’
from any thought that reduces your worth.

‘Walk Away’
from failures and fears that striffle your dreams.

The more you ‘Walk Away’ from things that poison your soul, the happier your life would be.

Walking is the best exercise.

Gift Yourself A Walk Towards Happiness…!!!


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