Leadership and Trait Theories of Leadership

Leadership and Trait Theories of Leadership

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Leadership as the ability to influence a group towards the achievement of a vision or set of goals.

Not all leaders are managers and vice versa.

Leaders can emerge from within the group as non-sanctioned leadership or by formal appointment.

Leaders challenge the status quo, create visions of the future, and inspire members to achieve the visions.

Managers formulate detailed plans, create efficient organisational structures, and oversee day-to-day operations.

Trait Theories of Leadership

Strong leaders described in terms of traits. Focuses on personal qualities and characteristics

Earliest stages of leadership research.

Traits were finally plotted against the Big Five Personality Framework, extraversion was found to be the most important trait of effective leaders. This is more related to emergence of leaders.

Conscientiousness and extraversion are positively related to self-efficacy of a leader.

EI is also a trait of effective leadership. Empathy is a core component of EI, empathetic leaders can sense other’s needs and listen to what followers ay and read the reactions of others. A leader will find it easy if he effectively displays and manages his emotions.

Based on the Big Five Personality Framework we can say that traits can predict leadership. Traits do a better job predicting the emergence of leaders and the appearance of leadership that actual effectiveness.


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