Marketing and its development

Marketing and its development

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marketing-header1Marketing may have been around since the 1920’s.

Development of Marketing as the four stage sequence :

1. Production Period (1890 – 1920) – characterized by a focus on physical production and supply.

2. Sales period (1920 – 1950) – characterized by focus on personal selling supported by market research and advertising.

3. Marketing period (1950-1980) – more advanced focus on customer needs

4. Societal marketing period(1980 to present) – characterised by strong focus or ethical and social concerns in marketing.


Marketing has developed through the influence of the following :

1. Industrial economic influence : matching supply and demand

2. Psychological influences : psychology and motivational research in relation to customer attitudes, perceptions, motivations and information processing. Understanding buyer psychology is primary.

3. Sociological influences : knowledge of how groups of people behave (demographic/class/motivation/customs/culture)

4. Anthropological influence : Social anthropology , qualitative market research approaches such as ethnography and observation to research consumer behavior.



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