Rigatoni Carbonara Pancetta

Rigatoni Carbonara Pancetta

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rigatoni-carbonara-pancetta-e-funghi-7Now here is a recipe which I have not tasted yet, but it certainly looks amazing, coming from Chef Angelo who I do adore for his Strozzapreti Pesto Rosso. Hence I am not at all hesitant to publish another masterpiece from the same kitchen.

I will certainly give it a shot someday and will not spare a moment to come back and share my culinary experience with you.

This is what I always enjoy the history behind the food, the meaning of each word or the significance of every ingredient. It really adds richness to the entire experience and simply helps one appreciate the culinary science better.

The word Rigatoni comes from the Italian word rigato (rigatone being the augmentative and rigatoni the plural form), which means “ridged” or “lined”, and is associated with the cuisine of southern and central Italy. It is the favourite pasta shape in southern Italy, especially in Sicily and its ridges service to be better adhesive surfaces for sauces and grated cheese compared to the smooth shaped pasta.

Carbonara is an Italian pasta dish from Rome, comprising of eggs, cheese, bacon (Pancetta) and black pepper. Spaghetti is usually used as the pasta however other pasta were also used similar to this dish. Origin of the name of the dish is very much disputed, while the name literally translates into the Italian word for Charcoal Burner, it is believed that it was a dish prepared for consumption by the Italian charcoal workers.  It is also referred to as Coal Miner’s Spagehetti in the US for the same reason. There is another story that it is a dish created in tribute of the Carbonari (charcoalmen) a secret society prominent in the early repressed stages of the Italian unification.

Pancetta as you all know by now is bacon.

Without any further delay we move on to how to prepare this delight.

What you’ll need:

– 30g butter

– 120g diced Pancetta

– 350g rigatoni

– 3 eggs, beaten

– 50g Grana Padano

– 50g Pecorino cheese

– Salt & pepper, as you like

What to do:

– Melt the butter

– Add pancetta and cook until brown and crispy

– Cook the pasta in a large pan of salted boiling water until al dente

– Drain the pasta and add to the pancetta

– Remove from heat

– Pour the eggs and half of the grana and pecorino in to the pan

– Season with black pepper and mix well

– Add the rest of the cheeses

– Mix well again and serve

Hope you enjoy the dish and enjoy quicker and tastier meals.

All credit for the recipe belongs to Zizzi and Chef Angelo : https://www.zizzi.co.uk/blog/2013/angelos-cookbook-rigatoni-carbonara-pancetta/


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