Write For Us!

Write For Us!

We started out in April 2011 and have been rapid;y growing since then. Abstract Thoughts is a source for articles on gadgets, technology, tips and tricks, blogging tips and a lot of cool stuff.  With page-views almost doubling every month, we feel its time to open the doors for guest posts and authors.

Why should you write for us? Because we are now a PageRank 3 blog! An article here will get you a valuable backlink as well.

If you feel you’re a talented writer, feel free to send us your thoughts. It can be anything ranging from technology to the stock-market. Have a look at our categories If you can write a piece on any of those, just send them over for a review and we’ll even consider giving you a front page slot.


Even if your post does not fit into any of the existing categories, we’ll figure something out coz we value your efforts :)

We will help you reach a wider reader base.

How to Guest Blog

Drop us a mail at email.abstractthoughts@gmail.com telling us what you wanna write about and why. Let us know if you have prior experience. If we like what you have to say, we will grant you user privileges in the role of a ‘Contributor’. You can write and submit your posts for review and we shall publish it after reviewing

What Not to Do

1. Only submit original content. Your article should not be available anywhere else in the web. We take efforts to ensure it.

2. Don’t add any affiliate links.

3. No obscene or vulgar language is allowed in your post. Please don’t hurt anyone through your content.

Your article will be published if it meets the above requirements. You would be notified when it is published.

So go ahead, drop us a line at email.abstractthoughts@gmail.com